The Trans-Siberian - 2018 travel blog

A Healthy and Beautiful Start

Ignace Paderewski's Tomb

Paderewski was also a Political Leader

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Copernicus - He Would be Appalled at our Ignorance

From the Jewish Museum

Been There

Poster for Palestine - Where do I Go?


WW II Destruction

Old Town Square

Chopin Graffiti Near Chopin Museum

I could just duplicate my entry from Warsaw circa 2009.

But I'll spare you.

Highlights this trip -

There are tourists here, including fellow refugees.

Paderewski's tomb

Chopin's heart

A Chopin piano concert with wine

The Jewish Uprising Museum - This museum commemorates one of the few instances where the Jews of Europe fought back against the Nazis. In the end their efforts were in vain. Or were they?

You get the picture. I'm just trying to prepare myself for the return to the U.S.

On my last trip here I rode the train from Warsaw to Krakow. There was this guy across the aisle, who got up to put his pack up into the overhead rack, and as his shirt slid up ... his 9 mm was showing. Poland has .26 deaths from firearms per 100,000 population. The U.S. has 11.96.

Not sure I'm up for it.

The Geezer

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