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Immanuel Kant


Kaliningrad Cathedral



Amber Chest

Kant in Amber

Kaliningrad is Russia Baltic Port


Historic Photo of Zelenogradsk

Zelenogradsk Promenade

Another place of pilgrimage.

But I never thought that highly of Kant, considering him obsessively obscure. But over the past 5 or 10 years I've come to appreciate him more. Anyway this was his home. Wouldn't it be nice if we followed his dictum to always treat our fellow humans as ends in themselves and not as means to our ends.

More of what I've come to appreciate about Russia -

Genuine warmth and hospitality

Safety - on the streets and when crossing a street

The lack of American tourists. Oh shit, let me take that back. Well, too late. Not my fault you're missing it

German tourists come since Kaliningrad was once Koenigsburg until 1945

Lovely parks, especially with the colors and scents of fall

No litter. Easily the most litter free country I've traveled to.

Excellent food and a much more modern city than I'd anticipated

I also made a day excursion by bus to the seaside resort of Zelenogransk. A lovely promenade along the clear waters of the Baltic. A place that feels like somewhere out of another, simpler time.

Time to leave Russia. Twenty eight days and, aside from Moscow, we've met only two native English speakers, Clive and Rachel from the U.K.

Next, Europe's last Dictatorship

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