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Pilgrim highway

Village streets. Ever present hórreos.

Walking up the biggest incline for today.

There's a mountain under that cloud

This one not long born.

El Camino - Day 31. Day 2 - Camino de Fisterra.

Maximum elevation = 475m, minimum elevation = 257m. 2 - 14 degrees. Cloudy, misty, drizzly.

We set out for our penultimate days walking, in a cool, drizzly morning. The singing birds gave me hope it would clear. Stopped for a cuppa at Vilaserio after 5km. Then, another cuppa at 13km in As Maroñas.

A decent climb helped keep the chill of the wind at bay. The higher we got, the mistier/cloudier and windier it got. Was glad to head back down the other side. I did have to remind myself of the amazing experience the Camino was and even without a cuckoo was smiling regardless of the inclement weather. Next stop was Lago for a spot of lunch - tuna empanada. Colder and wetter when we headed out again. Final rest stop in Olveiroa. T, M and S2 all had beers. A vino tinto for me toward off the cold. 5km more, and the weather at it's worst today, and we arrived at Hospital (that is the village name!) and our Albergue for the night.

The albergues never cease to surprise. We were asked if we'd like a drink before going to our room - sure! Just as well. It was a car trip to our room and then were picked up at 7 and taken back to the bar for dinner. Quite cold in the albergue and too wet to go outside. We waited for turns of the washer and dryer and chatted to other pilgrims. We all looked forward to going back to the warm bar but no heating there either! It wasn't long before sitting around chatting over a communal dinner warmed us up. Like last night, no choice of courses. Plenty of wine and food, conversation and laughter. The whole night pretty much put on by one lady with a bit of help from her daughter. One thing we've seen here is that the Spanish work very hard to provide for pilgrims.

Today's distance = 31km

Total distance = 850.5km

Yellow VW count: S - 2, T - 1, S2 - 1 (OMG! The lads are playing our game)

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