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Well, today was the day to meet our new dermatologist. It turned out to be a female, a PA, who was very personable and no nonsense about her job. We went in together, and Don took the hotseat first as he had several questions and spots he wanted her to assess. One of them she wanted to biopsy, a small spot on his chest. No sooner was she done with that than she turned to me. But he wasn't done yet, so more questions were answered before my turn. I only had one thing for her to look at specifically (although she did assess the whole body). I had a spot on my chin she wanted to look at. This was what she wanted to see when she was trying to boot Don off the table before he was done! Anyway, she decided she wanted to biopsy this. And several minutes later I had a hole slightly smaller than a dime in my chin. Great!

Of course no visit to the city was not complete until we went to Walmart, to fill prescriptions for Don and to "get a few things." And we were back in time for happy hour.

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