Marianne and Steve's Australia Trip 2018 travel blog

Driving the van through the rain forest, Finch Hatton.

View of the valley from the ‘Sky Window’ lookout near Eungella.

A platypus, 2ft long with a duck's beak, an otter's body &...

The ‘Cane Railway’ track. It uses a narrow-gauge track.

Wild swimming at the Wheel of Fire Waterfall, Finch Hatton Gorge.

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A platypus diving for food at Broken River. Sorry, it goes out...

The Pioneer valley stretches from Mackay on the coast to Eungella National Park. It’s a big sugar cane growing area and the ‘cane railway’ criss-crosses the valley. Marianne managed to swim in two rock pools (no crocs!) during a walk through the rain-forest. We also saw a lot of platypi, or as you can apparently say, platypusses.

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