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Heading up the big hill from Laughlin, Nevada.

Driving into Las Vegas. You can see the Strip from miles away.

Heading into the Virgin River Canyon

Gettfing ready to head down the windy Virgin River Canyon Pass.

Here we are at the Elks Lodge parking lot in Cedar City,...

Our view at Cedar City, Utah.

Nothing like a full moon coming over the mountains to give you...

The view from our RV park..

Entering the park.

Ed at the Visitor's Center, Capital Reef.

Out the Visitor's Center window. What a view!

Our first view of Capital Reef. WOW

The white rocks make for a great photo op.

Lots of colorful walls like this in Capital Reef.

A gorgeous view around every curve.

Capital Reef beauty.

Drove into this canyon to see this little different scenery.

Dave and Mary Jane enjoying the view.

Sue and Ed enjoying the view.

Found a quiet place to have a picnic.

Dave and Mary Jane and Capital Reef.

This wasn't a hike, it was a walk. I don't do hikes.

Heading north to Salt Lake City.

Celebrating Kristine and Steve's birthdays. They are a day apart.

Time to catch up with the Crawfords. We left sunny, hot, Surprise, Arizona and drove a whopping 170 miles north and west to Bullhead City, AZ where it was still sunny and hot. After our exhausting drive (tee hee) we spent the night at a Coast to Coast park overlooking the Colorado River and all the casinos that line the Laughlin side of the River. The casinos were calling our name so we decided to head over and try our luck. Usually, we lose our $20 and then head home. Ed is faster at losing his $20 than I am. But we had better luck that night and we were both winners. Enough to buy us a nice dinner and drinks and money still in our pocket when we left to go back to our rig.

The wind was supposed to kick up the next afternoon so we left relatively early (for us) to try to avoid the 25-30 mph winds. We headed towards Las Vegas on a road we have driven many times before. It is usually a nice, easy drive as there is not a lot of traffic and it is mostly a divided highway. Unfortunately, there was major construction going on and that meant we were down to one lane with barricades on our right and orange cones and opposing traffic on our left. Oh yeah, the winds didn’t wait until the afternoon to kick up, so, it was not the easy drive we were looking for. But we got to Las Vegas and navigated through all that traffic and headed north on I-15. We’ve only been on that section of I-15 for a short distance so it was all new territory as we went in and out of Arizona, Nevada, and Utah. Some of the scenery was stunningly beautiful but there was a LOT of traffic and construction (again) so we didn’t enjoy it as much as we should have. I do remember that as we entered the Virgin River Canyon pass, it took our breath away. It was curvy, steep, scary, but absolutely beautiful with colored rock walls. I was able to unclutch my hands long enough to take some photos but they don’t do it justice.

We spent the night in a parking lot at an Elks Lodge in Cedar City, Utah without any hookups. It got down to 35 that night and for the first time in a long time, we got cold. It was hard to adjust from 95° to 35° in just 2 days. No more flip flops for a while! We headed for Capital Reef National Park in Utah to meet up with our friends Mary Jane and Dave. It is one of those places where you can’t get there from here. It was mostly 2 lane roads up and down and over the foothills. We were only 150 miles away but it took us about 4 hours to get there. Mary Jane and Dave had gotten there the day before so when we got to the rv park and didn’t see them, we assumed they had already gone into the National Park and we would meet up with them later. We drove to the Visitor’s Center and watched the movie about the Park and drove around a little bit and headed back ready for happy hour. When we still didn’t see them back at our park, I texted Mary Jane and asked where they were. She asked, where are you? Turns out, I screwed up and made reservations at the wrong park! Fortunately, we were only a few miles away so it wasn’t a horrible mistake. I seem to be making more and more of them lately!

We have been to a lot of National Parks but Capital Reef is my new favorite. It is so beautiful and massive. I could go on and on but I will let the pictures tell the story even though I know they cannot convey the depth and breadth of that beautiful area. I would definitely recommend putting this Park on your bucket list, if you have one. We enjoyed our day in the Park with Mary Jane and Dave and I can verify that the word “WOW” was the most used word of the day.

The weather was beautiful while we were at Capital Reef but the day we left it was overcast and cool. We worked our way back to I-15 and continued north through Salt Lake City and then into Idaho. We spent the night at an Elks Lodge in Rupert, Idaho but this one had electric hookups. Good thing as a cold front moved in and dropped the temps dramatically. When we left Rupert, the wind was howling, and we drove in and out of rain/sleet/snow squalls. And, surprise, more construction. But we persevered and made it to Boise by late afternoon. It is spring-like here in Boise and despite that little burst of winter weather, the tulips are in full bloom, the trees have beautiful white and pink blossoms on them and today it is 70+ degrees with lots of sunshine. It’s not Arizona but we can live with it.

We have seen Kristine several times and have enjoyed spending time with Steve and Kristine. Ed is playing pickleball at the YMCA here and has golfed once. Our microwave/convection oven bit the dust in the middle of me making dinner for Steve’s folks one night so now we are waiting for the repairman to show up and let us know how much that is going to cost us. It’s always something.

Think Spring!

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