Western Europe April 2018 travel blog

Today we were up before 6a. We walked 3 blocks, caught the 'purple' metro hoping to get off at Gare du Nord. But...That station was closed! We got off at the next station, caught the different metro to Chappel and crossed the road to the station. Piece of cake! With asking a lot of questions we found the right Eurostar, went through security, passport control and found a coffee. And waited an hour. It seemed no time at all till we were on the train speeding towards London.

The terrain ia flat and, as with all railroads, not the best side is presented to the tracks. We saw the grungy side of both countries. The rocking motion combined with the early awakening soon put us both to sleep. We woke as we went into the Chunnel and again when they started announcing stops. Good thing...there was only 2 stops and ours was the second one.

It was 10.30a in London, 11.30a in Paris so we had lunch at King's Cross then looked for the Underground to Paddington's. Confusing but doable. We have an Oyster Card which equates to Vancouver's compass card. The pink line to Paddington Station was easy to find as was our hotel....Metro Hotel.....I'd give it a -2 * 𯘉 but it is clean.

Once checked in, we were back on the tube to Westminster Station. With 3p tickets, we were a little early but got right in. Westminster Abby is one interesting place with all its history and architecture. It is way nicer than Notre Dame with more stained glass, crpte, and history. It was built in the 900's A D. Today its bells peeled for the new little prince...the 3rd son for William and Kate. We did the audio tour, had 'cream tea...enjoyed. after we walked the Birdcage to Buckingham Palace.

It is a huge fortress-like palace with gold plated tops of black wrought iron gates, statues Life teemed around it. We watched the crowd, took pics and left to walk 'the Mall' to Trafalgar Square. We stopped to take pics of Duke of Fredricks ceremonial pillar about half way to Trafalgar Square. We admired the Admiral Gate. Once through the gates Lord Nelson atop his column awaited us.

Just around the corner Sherlocke Holmes pub called to us. We stopped for a beer and sat with a young man. Nice of him to share his table. We talked.. he gave us directions home....on the brown line not the yellow circle line. It is supposed to be faster. And even tho' it was rush hour, we were home fast.

We had dinner at the pub three doors doen...delicious. Gord has gone to bed...already. it's been a long day.

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