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ktm alley

prayer bells

Bhagwatitetemple, Dubar Square

Boy and birds In Dubar Sq



family comuter

flower market


From the roof of the Hotel Horizon.

just incase. . . .







morning comute

Old Katmandu, Dubar Sq





So I arrived in Katmandu yesterday and I was pretty excited as soon as my feet hit the tarmac! Even standing in line for a 1.5 hr's for my entry vise didn't really diminish it. Our flight was a hour or so late and then with the wait for the visa I was amazed but very,very happy that the shuttle driver from the hotel (I am sharing it with a Dutch guy Richard for $4 each a day) was still there after waiting for 3hrs. One thing about some of the Nepalese though is that they can be very aggresive about getting your buuisness, so much that you kinda want to put your foot up their ass.

So coming into Katmandu at night was nice because you can see the town lit up below the airport and then when you drive thru town it is just a crazy combination of drivers honking their horns, people running thru traffic and the music (traditonal and trance). They shoved about 8 of us (and our lugage)in a minimini van that would of fit 6 normally. We were so heavy that we all had to get out and I helped one of the guys push the van up and over this ramp. What a introduction to Nepal, I was loving it.

Richard and I have decided to do a 7-8 day trek and some rafting so I am extending my stay here until the 21st of October. I have been here for not even 2 full days and I am really diggin this place. A lot more then KohSan Rd in BKK. It's cheeper also.

So Katmandu is exploding with sites and sounds and has surprisingly very few paved roads, but with all that said it's pretty cool and it's hard not to pick up on the energy even though it is probably one of the dirtiest places I have been to. . . .Plus the only reason I am here after 2 nights in BKK is because there was a sale and it was the only flight I could get for weeks!

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