2018 - San Antonio to Arizona travel blog

Today was a slow day. We took it easy except for my trip to Fry's (Krogers). I spent some time getting things arranged for us to get out early in the morning. We are driving about 285 miles to Deming, New Mexico. The x factor is the return to the mountain time zone. We will loose an hour so we need to get started a little earlier than normal. I removed all tire covers, the mirror covers and the wiper covers. I also cleaned the windshield (as far as I can reach) with the waterless cleaner. I got most of the bugs off the windshield and some on the front cap. After taking some time and watching a few movies we had Chili's takeout for dinner. We are now working on our travel plans for the remainder of the week. We will try to get to Abilene, TX for next Friday night, Saturday and Sunday. Then to Ft Worth and north to TX 380 and across to McKinney and on to Greenville before joining I - 30. We will end up spending Wednesday night in Texarkana (May 2) and then on in to Maumelle Park on Thursday. We need to hug the grandkids, get our doctors appointments started, our hair cuts and numerous other items, but we also need to sit down for an extended period of time. We will use this time to go through everything in the Bus to determine...did we use it while we were gone? Do we really need this in our bay? What do we need we did not have in the bay??? Anyway we hope to redefine what we haul around with us. All this needs to be done before we head for Michigan in early June.

Oh well, we can continue looking for our travel stops until bedtime. So, until tomorrow evening from the Mountain time zone...

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