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A descent to Astorga in the background.

Procession in Astorga

M and I covered in dust

Gaudi architecture, Bishops Palace, Astorga

Entrance to Santa Catalina de Samoza

Amazing stone courtyard at our Albergue.

Day 20 - El Camino

Maximum elevation = 984 m, minimum & starting elevation = 819 m. 7 - 20 degrees. Hazy, sunny at times.

Slightly chillier than the last few days when we headed off, a short 2.5km to Villares de Orbigo where we had a quick breakfast.

Then some climbing - thank you!! The flats of the Meseta are murder on the soles of your feet and the shins. Walking uphill gives instant relief. Rolling hills filled our morning and then, a final descent to San Justo de la Vega and then on to Astorga. The best thing about the hills - the views.

Starving, we hit Astorga around midday. Turns out still only serving breakfast at that time on a Saturday. An English breakfast of bacon & eggs hit the spot. Astorga is beautiful - Roman and medieval heritage. We saw archeological ruins of 1st century homes! As we exited Astorga, we walked into a procession. Amazing and sometimes bizarre costumes. We were covered in powder and sawdust (not sure if to give us luck but I hope so). Were nipped at by large pincers, brushed with various implements and poked with pitchforks. All to celebrate the shared ancestral heritage between León and

Braganca in Portugal. M and I googled what it was all about this evening. While we were there, we had no idea. Not that much clearer now!!

Obviously, the afternoon was not so eventful. But, we made our way to Murias de Rechivaldo, leaving the Meseta behind. Stopped and had a drink and caught up with a Swiss couple we had dinner with in Larrasoaña and hadn't seen since - such is the way of the Camino.

A final climb to yet another amazing village - Santa Catalina de Samoza, our home for the night. This village is all stone. Dry stone wall fences and stone houses. Beautiful!

Today's distance = 26.5 km

Total distance = 537.5 km

Yellow VW count Troy - 1, Sue - 2

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