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I noticed yesterday as we came through the gatehouse there was a handwritten sign with this caption "and we call the wind Mariah, and a few $%^&*( names". I have always loved the song "Mariah", but I am sick of this high wind that we have seen during our 21 days in Vegas. More than half the days have been great but the ones that are not alright is because the wind has howled. A number of those days the wind speeds have been in the 25 - 35 mph and with most of those days there have been gust warnings of 40 - 60 mph. Enough is enough. Tomorrow is supposed to be in the 10 - 15 mph in the morning but slowing later in the day.

As we leave tomorrow we are apprehensive the Bus is really fixed and if we have that concern and worry about the wind...that would make travel no fun at all. We have looked at the weather and the map, and we have changed our travel plans. We had planned to go to Kingman, AZ tomorrow and then Wednesday go on to Williams, AZ and stay until Monday. However, 4 of those 5 nights are to be below freezing and Thursday night has a 50% chance of snow.

We are now heading south. We will drive back to Quartzsite tomorrow and spend three days. We will have good cell reception on Thursday for my Stockholders Meeting and the Board meeting. Friday we will head back to Casa Grande for the weekend. We will stay at the same place we stayed during January and February since we can stay there for half price. From there we will head toward Las Cruces and then veer north. There are a couple of places in New Mexico we have heard of and would like to visit...among those Roswell. We will then meander north toward I - 40 around Amarillo or head south toward Lubbock to pick up I - 20. Weather and speed of progression will determine our path, we think. Anyway that is todays plan.

Today has been spent mostly in the Bus semi getting ready to move tomorrow (and staying out of the wind). I have all the bedroom put back together after so many people raising the cover to the engine. I managed to get a prescription filled today. It was done really odd, but it insures I can get back to Little Rock. We will get all straight then with new prescriptions.

We have a few more things to do tonight and everything else will have to be done in the morning.

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