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Uttarakhand is among the most sensational locations in India. Bestowed with an appeal that can simply be referred to as divine, "Dev Bhoomi" has a variety of locations rather popular amongst travelers while lots of are unusual destinations. If you believe a vacation shows escaping to a place where it's just you and nature, Uttarakhand has numerous satisfying choices. If you are considering going unusual, here is where you should be. Invest soul-soothing journeys, renewing your souls.

Here is the list of best unique places in Uttarakhand for vacations.

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Among the charming places in Uttarakhand, Lansdowne is a cantonment town established during the British Raj. Amongst the leading unusual places in Uttarakhand, you can rapidly enjoy a wonderful holiday throughout the weekend. This town mostly thrills in calming weather conditions throughout the year but it's the amazing vistas supply with memorable experiences. A treasure chest of romance, Lansdowne provides popular activities that consist of strolling, boating, bird viewing, outside camping, and so on.

Finest time to go to

April to June

Ways to reach

Kotdwar is the close-by train station while the closest airport is in Dehradun.

Things to do in Lansdowne

Enjoy nature walks; find the nearby towns, museums, perspectives, etc


A freshwater lake in Uttarakhand, Dodital set down at 3085 meters is a feast for the eyes. One of the most stunning lakes in the Himalayas, it is amongst the very best unusual areas to holiday in Uttarakhand. Legend has it that Lord Ganesha selected this place as his house and there is a temple dedicated to him here.

Finest time to check out.

September to June.

Ways to reach.

Uttarkashi is the closest town, which is well connected by road to different areas in the state. Dehradun is the closest airport while Rishikesh is the closest train station.

Things to do in Dodital.

Trek to Darwa Pass, outdoor camping on the coasts of the lake, photography, and so on.


Settled at an elevation of 1870 m in the lap of Kumaon hills amidst the Deodar forest with the spiritual Jata Ganga, Jageshwar is a holy town in Dev Bhoomi. It is among the 12 Jyotirlingas in India committed to Lord Shiva. There are nearly 124 temples and various statues. This unique destination in Uttarakhand produces holidays which are divinely blessed.

Best time to go to

April to June and September to November

Ways to reach

The closest town is Almora, which has regular connectivity by the street. Pant Nagar is the closest airport while Kathgodam is the closest train station.

Things to do in Jageshwar

Pay a see to the holy 'Mrityunjaya Temple' and the other temples dedicated to Lord Shiva, and go to the Jageshwar Monsoon Festival, held from 15 July to 15 August.

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Hemkund and the Valley of Flowers

Next on our list is among the most charming places to have a look at in Uttarakhand, Hemkund Sahib and the Valley of Flowers. Hemkund Sahib is the greatest Gurdwara in India, among the holiest areas in Sikhism. The Valley Of Flowers is a UNESCO World Heritage website known for its distinct ecology and mountain flowers, around 400 species of every color, which flower simply throughout rains.

Finest time to visit

July to September

How to reach

Both of these locations are readily available just after a terrific trek starting with Govindghat. Jolly Grant is the nearby airport while the closest train station is Rishikesh.

Things to do

Trek through the Valley Of Flowers, traveling, outdoor camping, go to Hemkund shrine.


Unblemished and beautiful, Binsar is next on our list of leading places for unusual holidays in Uttarakhand. Found in the middle of a wildlife sanctuary, settled at an elevation of some 2,400 m, the town is blessed with charm and bliss. Enjoy the stunning views of Nanda Devi, Nanda Kot, Kedarnath, and Chaukhambha. Like numerous locations in Dev Bhoomi, Binsar too is known for many mistaken beliefs.

Finest time to go to

April to June and October & November

The best methods to reach

The closest airport is Pant Nagar, 143 km away while Kathgodam, at a range of 110 km is the nearby train station.

Things to do in Binsar

Sightseeing, photography, unwinding around, traveling, and safaris to the wildlife sanctuary

Abbott Mount

Abbott Mount is an appeal in Uttarakhand, off the tourist tracks. Snuggled at an elevation of 7000 feet it delights in the splendid view of snowcapped cliffs of the magnificent Himalayas in its full magnificence. Named after an English male, who made his retreat here in the early 20th century, Abbott Mount maintains its appeal. The hill resort has a pictorial ambiance, with some awesome experiences and expeditions. A world of its own, it is a stunning escape from cities. Escape to the uncommon destination in Uttarakhand for weekend trips.

Finest time to go to

Throughout the year, every season has its own beauty

Ways to reach

Lohaghat is the closest well-connect town. Tanakpur offers train connections whereas Pant Nagar airport provides the closest air connection.

Things to do in Abbott Mount

Taking a trip, fishing, picnics, photography, bird watching.

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Nestled along the Lohawati River, Lohagad is amongst the blessed lesser-known locations in Uttarakhand. Understood for its history and misconceptions in addition to the verdant landscape of rich deodar forests, the town is an enjoyable trip. It is blessed with captivating weather conditions throughout the year. Mayawati/Advait Ashram, Banasur ka Qila, Devidhura temples, and Pancheswar temple are some thrills of the town.

Finest time to check out

February to June and October to November

Ways to reach

Tanakpur, at a series of 60 km deal train connections whereas Pant Nagar airport, 160 km offers closest air connection.

Things to do in

Lohaghat Explore the scenic environments, appreciate the historical thrills, and delight in a relaxing time.


The lake town, Naukuchiatal is a spectacular unique weekend holiday in Uttarakhand. The nine-cornered lake going for a kilometer is the highlight of the verdant town. This natural marvel of Kumaon is lived in by unusual butterflies and Himalayan birds. This beautiful place also uses difficulties like boating, paragliding, fishing, fishing, and parasailing. It is a serene summer retreat far from cities.

Finest time to go to

April to June and September to November

Ways to reach

Nainital is the closest town with available modes of transportation. Kathgodam is the closest train station while Pant Nagar the closest town with air connections.

Things to do in Naukuchiatalk

Boating, bird seeing, taking a trip, and adventure activities


Landour is among the absolute best unusual holiday locations for getaways. The little cantonment town is an embodiment of the charm of mountains in Uttarakhand. Take a look at the buildings of the colonial age, there are stunning churches of the time. Check out the pictorial traveling tracks taking you to lovely paths. View the spectacular sundown from amongst the lookouts. Similarly, check out Ruskin Bond; the author related to the mountains.

Finest time to take a look at

October to June

Ways to reach

Landour is quickly available by road. Get here to Dehradun by train or flight from where you can continue by roadway.

Things to do in

Landour Go To the British Raj-era churches, explore the taking a trip route and relax.

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Settled in the lap of Himalayas, Chaukori is a dreamy town. At a height of 2,010 m, it's not just another hill station however among the finest unusual places in Uttarakhand. The magnificent town in Kumaon takes enjoyment in view of the Nanda Devi and Panchachuli peaks. Enjoy a tranquil break from the cities.

Finest time to go to

March to June and September to November

The finest ways to reach

Almora is the neighboring quickly offered town to acquire to Chaukori Pant Nagar Airport is positioned at a range of 205 km while the nearby railway station is at a variety of 180 km.

Things to do in Chaukori

Nature strolls, captures awe-inspiring views, experiences a rustic peaceful life in the hills.


Settled along the spectacular Bhimtal Lake in Uttarakhand, Bhimtal is a lovely town called after the popular Pandav, Bhima of Mahabharata. Captivating and unique, the town utilizes visitors with a peaceful vacation. The highlights of the town are the Bhimeshwara Mahadev temple and the island in the middle of the lake. Boating and other water sports add enjoyment. You can get away for a weekend to this impressive special town in Uttarakhand.

Finest time to have a look at

March to June and September to November.

The best ways to reach

Nainital is the closest popular town from where you can continue by road. Pant Nagar Airport has the closest air connection while Kathgodam is the closest train station.

Things to do in Bhimtal

Boating, fishing, check out to temples, nature strolls, outdoor camping and stargazing


Among the most lovely tricks of Uttarakhand, Munsyari settled in Pithoragarh district is a beautiful vacation getaway. Blessed with amazing vistas of beauteousness, the town is the house of a range of birds and animals. The uncharted appeal welcomes visitors for amazing treks to the glaciers, picturesque tracks and to take pleasure in experiences like snowboarding, traveling, hiking, mountaineering, and so on.

Finest time to visit

November to June

Ways to reach

The nearest airport is the Pantnagar airport, 249 away while the closest railway is at Kathgodam, 169 km.

Things to do in Munsyari

Trekking to the surrounding glaciers, snowboarding in winters, bird enjoying, admire sundowns and dawns from the hill points.

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Remarkable gorgeous, Kausani had been named 'Switzerland in India' by Mahatma Gandhi. Using a scenic view of the substantial Himalayan peaks such as Trishul Nanda Devi and the splendid Panchachuli peaks, the town is divine. The blissful ambiance is a recovery for your senses. See temples and ashrams in the town. The best vacation destination, Kausani is one of the finest places in Uttarakhand for vacations.

Finest time to take a look at

Throughout the year

The best ways to reach

Kausani is quickly available by roadway. Kathgodam is the nearby train station at a range of 132km while the closest airport, Pant Nagar is 162 km away.

Things to do in Kausani

Birding, photography, town walks, and other bold exploits.


Almora is among the very finest distinct locations to visit in Uttarakhand, specifically in long weekends. Settled at an altitude of 1650 m, resembling a horseshoe, Almora is the cultural center of Kumaon. Unlike the other cantonment towns of Uttarakhand, Almora has been developed by the Kumauni people. It protects the tradition of the mountain individuals in addition to providing incomparable views.

Finest time to have a look at

Anytime throughout the years except for monsoons

Ways to reach

The nearest airport is Pantnagar, at a distance of 116 km away from Almora and the nearest train station is Kathgodam 90 km away.

Things to do in Almora

Buy handicraft products, pleasure in the natural setting, opt for taking a trip, and so on.


Chopta is a lovely hill station in Uttarakhand. As compared with the tourist crowded towns, Chopta is reasonably unidentified. It is a perfect area to take a break from city life. Delight in the incredible view. If you are keen on experience then leave for a trek to Tungnath temple and the Kedarnath wildlife sanctuary. You can likewise trek to Chandrashila peak. Get a kick out of a memorable weekend vacation in the offbeat location of Uttarakhand in Chopta.

Finest time to go to

Winter of December, January, and February

The very best methods to reach

The closest airport to acquire to Chopta is Jolly Grant at a variety of 221 km. The nearest railhead is Rishikesh at a series of 202 km.

Things to do in Chopta

Taking a trip, outdoor camping, relaxing and photography for more choices on weekends, getaways, home vacations, adventure or romantic escape, examine out Uttarakhand journey bundles.

For more interesting facts on different regions of uttarakhand contact Swan Tours Delhi, India. For travel package details on uttarakhand tour packages call our uttarakhand travel expert on 011 23415601.

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