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Pass between Las Vegas and Pahrump

Saturday, up early by default...I woke up and could not go back to sleep. Up around 6:30, had breakfast while Sue was getting ready, then vice versa, she ate and I got ready. She worked on laundry for the second day in a row. She is making very good progress. I planned my wardrobe so that a certain amount had to be dirty so my drawers would be full but not stuffed. I am going to have to dirty some things up faster or she is gonna stress my wardrobe accommodations.

We left around noon and headed for Henderson as that is where the people live and the restaurants are. In Vegas, other than fast food most other restaurants are involved with a casino. Food quality is not their thing...just cure your hunger pains so you can gamble a little more. We found a Chick-fil-A and had a good quick and cheap lunch. Then we made a few stops looking for some items we needed. We spent a good part of the afternoon looking, but not as successful as we had hoped. Anyway it was time to go back to the Bus. We stopped by WalMart and started on some restocking of the Bus. Most of our perishable items had perished. So we bought a large load and moved all that to the Bus. We checked on the laundry and rested a few minutes. We ran to a Smith's (local version of Kroger) and picked up the items we could not or would not buy at Wally World and returned to the Bus.

We watched television and heated up the left overs from the CheeseCake Factory. It was great in quality and the quantity was just right. Television and resting was the agenda for the rest of the evening.

Today, we got up and stirred around slowly. We left at 10:00 a.m. and headed for Pahrump. This is where we were going to the rally that we never made it to with our RV Dreams friends. After going up a 7 degree grade for over 10 miles we reached the top of the pass and headed down...33 miles to Pahrump. As the GPS announced we were 10 miles from Pahrump we could see it farther down the valley. We eased into town and drove to the RV Park where we would have been. It was a nice setting and well maintained. Wine Ridge RV Park and Cabins. Oh, well...then we drove through town to get a quick look. We did find a Home Depot and went in, as I needed a few screws to finish putting everything back together in the bedroom so we walked through for a few minutes. We drove around town and out the other side just a little to see what type of homes were there and just the local terrain. The elevation difference is only 700 feet but after crossing the pass to get here, it seems to be a different eco system. There were a great number of Joshua trees visible from the highway as we came into town. There are three Casino/Hotels in town and the remainder of the fast food places.

After an hour or so we headed back toward Vegas. As we neared the top of the pass, we pulled off and had a lunch that we had made before we left. I posted a picture of the other side of the road and the mountainside that was visible from the car. After a leisurely lunch we headed on over the pass and back to the Bus. We arrived about 2:15 ready for a stop and a nap. Then we continued with laundry and a new movie on the Hallmark Channel was on so we watched it. It was a good whodunit - we both had discussed the villain but had not nailed it down to her. We enjoyed it and then watched the series we have been watching for years.

After the show was concluded we walked around a good part of the park. We found folks yesterday from northwest Arkansas. The only other AR folks we have seen here. Then back to take care of some restoration projects from everything being opened up and moved around. Then we took some time to sit down and plan our next weeks travels and stays. We are going to try and spend the night in Kingman, AZ Tuesday and then move on to Williams, AZ on Wednesday. I have to be someplace where I get a good cell signal on Thursday for a Stockholders meeting and Board meeting. We will then stay there thru Sunday before heading on east. We have decided that we do not want to travel on weekends due to the issues that arise if there are breakdowns.

Well it is now bedtime and I need for Sue to proof this while I check the winds for the next few days. Yesterday there was NO wind, today had very little until later this afternoon, BUT tomorrow they will be back up to 25 - 35 mph with gusts to 50. Slows down on Tuesday and we are gone. I can handle the regular 10 - 20 mph but that is about all I want or need. Well, if we do not blow away tomorrow, I will have another entry.

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