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Today was one of catch up, rest up and unwind some. We did as much of all as we could. Early, (8:30-ish) we started by having breakfast and getting around slowly. Laundry was started, taxes payment prepared for mailing and various motorhome maintenance. Around 2:00 we headed out to mail our final installment to Uncle Sam. With that done we headed for the south end of the Strip. We went to Chili's just in front of the Outlet Mall. We were in time to still qualify for the lunch menu. We ate well for a lot less than normal. Then into the mall for a few items that we needed to replace some we already had in the Bus. Then for the required tour through Columbia Sportswear.

After all was done we headed back for the Bus around 5:00. Nothing like the 5 o'clock rush hour traffic in Vegas. We managed the 9 miles in 35 minutes. Back and settled in the Bus we settled in to rest, surf the net, play a few games and maybe doze a little.

We had received a text from Haley while we were at Chili's about tornados in NW Arkansas. Then a text about the tornado in Mountainburg. It missed Fayetteville so Kacy was safe and we were relieved. When we got back to the Bus, I texted Beth about the weather in Conway. Warnings and watches and then changed to all warnings. Finally, texts that said Plummerville and then SE of Morrilton and then the one we were waiting on...it looks like it is clear here now. One lighter point is that when we texted about getting in their safe place, Beth advised the girls were in the bath tub and she was on the porch. Tornado sirens going so a true southerner goes out on the porch to see if they can see it coming. That's my girl. Well it was good to see that they were all safe and that we could relax a little out here. We had used our Weather.com app and jumped back and forth to the Weather Channel to keep up with what was happening.

Well since I am talking about weather, the wind was considerably better today. Highest wind speeds were in the 15 mph range. Palm trees leaves fluttered today instead of being fully extended and parallel to the ground yesterday. It was considerably cooler. It did get up to the mid 70's but not the low 90's we saw early in the week.

We have the weekend to take it easy and look around the area. Pat and Bridget have moved on to Flagstaff and are freezing at night. Lows at night are in the low to mid 20's. Glad we are experiencing a cold snap that leaves us in the low 50's.

Little to say about the rest of our day except with the changes of the wind a lot of planes were leaving McCarron Airport heading east just north of our resort. They are close enough you can make out what airline and in most cases can determine what type of jet. Not as much fun as we had earlier watching all the fighter jets flying in and out of Nellis AFB about 10 miles north of us. Lot of aircraft in the air on both ends of town. Great forecast for tomorrow so we will get out and maybe have pictures of what we do...or don't do...who knows.

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