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Still a bit of snow around

San Juan de Ortega

Rocks, not snow.

Burgos Cathedral - Troy and I and two of the lads

Fireworks in Burgos

Day 11 - El Camino

Maximum elevation = 1158m, minimum and finishing elevation = 887m. Cold, under 10 degrees.

S2 has named us Team 'LAD' as I refer to the guys as lads. So, team lad headed off at first light - 7.30. We started the day with a climb up to 1158m. Warmed up enough to take off my top layer and the sun even popped out. The descent saw the sun disappear, the mist return and top layer and gloves back on. The track was WET. Recent rainfall and snow melt made it a mess. Lots of fun, not.

We were happy to reach the first bar at San Juan de Ortega after 12km and warm up with some hot chocolate and cake.

Fairly easy walking then through the villages of Ages and Atapuerca where we once again bid farewell to two of the lads - E & S1. Will we see them again? That is the mystery of the Camino.

A climb over rocky terrain to 1080m gave us views to Burgos amongst the clouds. Fairly ordinary walking into Villafria as just south of Burgos, a big city.

M's friend Em joined us for 4 days - a girl, Hooray!!

We cabbed into Burgos for a tapas dinner and to view the city. Cathedral was amazing. Just as we were about to cab back, there was a fireworks display over the cathedral. Great way to finish the evening.

Today's distance = 31 km

Total distance = 285.5km

VW count unchanged

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