2018 Southern Eastern Australia Crawl travel blog

The beasts

Megalong Valley

Megalong Valley

Megalong Valley

The 3 sisters

Barry, Lois and Anne

The Skyway

From the Skyway

From the Skyway

The Scenic Railway

Anne, Barry and Lois on Scenic Railway

Scenic Railway vanishing into the abyss


Missed turnoff - The Harbour Bridge

Sydney Fish Markets



More fish

Even more fish

Well some more fish

Small medium, large and very large fish

Potential lunch

Morning tea

Harry de Wheels

Good old Harry

Harry de Wheels dining room

The ultimate............

Hi All,

So a change of plans was made to our non made plans and we stopped off in the Blue Mountains for a few days then we moved to Sydney to see Marco's sister in hospital, but her operation was moved back 2 weeks and she was not in hospital nor could we change our booking so we came anyway and saw her for a day.

On the way we stopped off in the Blue Mountians staying at Blackheath and having a bit of fun for 2 days. We saw and photoed the Megalong and Jamison Valleys, saw the 3 sisters (a rock formation in Katoomba) and Anne, Barry and Lois did the Skyway, Railway and Cableway at Katoomba. Marco didn't due to his fear of heights and stayed and supported the kiosk at the top, Anne took over the photography duties admirably. We also lunched with Colin and Joan friends of Barry and Lois but well known to us all, a fun lunch in an old hotel with some very eccentric locals watching a jazz band.

Moving down back to the coast we stayed at a caravan park new to us at Lane Cove. From there we went to see Marco's sister (not in hospital) but due to a technical issue with the GPS and lack of concentration by the driver we ended up on the Sydney Harbour Bridge incorrectly so crossed it back again to get our bearing correct. A funny time. We had a lovely day with the sister so not all was lost.

The next day we went to the Sydney Fish Market an amazing place selling fish from all over Australia both retail and wholesale and we learned of many that we did not know were even available here. Well worth the visit. We also went to some of Barry's old haunts before heading to Kings Cross for the mandatory look see. At the bottom of the hill at Kings Cross is Woolloomooloo which is the home to an iconic food retailer in Sydney. Harry de Wheels cafe specialises in selling pies, potatoes with mushy peas and more of course and would you believe there was a parking spot right out the front so we dined there for lunch. A unique experience and fun.

So now we leave Sid Knee and the fun continues.


Anne and Marco

Mum and Dad

UM and AA

GM and GD



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