30 Days Around the Horn travel blog

The luggage we took on our 50th anniversary two-month trip to Europe

And the luggage we took for a 30 day cruise

Ugly critter on a tree in the parking lot

The Embassy Suites breakfast room from our 3rd floor balcony

Sam, an RVer from California, and Richard

Ted and Annwyl and Beth and Bruce, all from Canada

It was a beautiful day to drive to the Embassy Suites in Fort Lauderdale We were accompanied by Diane Compton who we met on Cruise Critic. She lives a few miles down the road from us. She was very enjoyable company for the 4+ hour drive.

The Embassy Suites is still a very nice hotel, spacious lobby, eating area and bar. The rooms are quite large. The added attraction is the free happy hour from 5-7 and free full breakfast buffet in the morning. And the shuttle (not free) to the port.

All the Cruise Critic people wore Mardi Gras beads to happy hour. And there was a bunch of us. We knew from meeting these folks that this would be a happy cruise.

The Southport Raw Bar within walking distance of the hotel was our choice for dinner where we ate too much. But it was sooo good! We should have walked back but ubered it instead.

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