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Home safe and sound late in the afternoon of March 29. No big traffic snafus just the usual slow down going through Portland.

All is good at home thanks to our friends and neighbors who watch over our house when we are gone. Our kind neighbors even invited us to dinner, but we were toast by the time we got home. We have been like deflated balloons, the past few days, trying to recover and get our energy back. We are definitely not as young as we used to be!!

For those of you that don't drive RV's you may wonder why your brain is so tired by the end of a day of driving. After all it's just driving, right? Well, its not like driving a car. You can't switch lanes without careful thought because you are 56' long (RV with the truck behind),and you can't stop on a dime because you are heavy. You need extra stopping room. So in this world of fast paced traffic you need to be extra vigilant of what is happening around you. Thankfully my husband is an excellent driver and used to have a CDL license. Me, I'm just the RV co-pilot (which means I'm just along for the ride!) but I am really driving the road along with him. I am watching things too and I have a different vantage point than he does. Its kind of funny but we don't usually play music or anything when we travel as we want to be 100% attentive to what is happening on the road and with the RV. I have learned over the years that the truckers are your friends on the road. If You help them to pass and pull in ahead of you, and they'll help you do the same. This is especially important when going up and down in the mountains. It seems you are constantly leap frogging in and out of the fast and slow lanes.

Spike has a funny rule concerning driving RV's, and if you know him well, you'll know it is "Kramer's rule of gross tonnage". When merging or changing lanes if they won't let you in...It's: "I'm bigger, and I'm coming over" and they'll get outta of the way. We try very hard to be polite but as you all know, sometimes that doesn't work and you just gotta apply the rule.

We have a couple of pet peeves when driving the RV. Spike's is : People passing him on the right. Mine is people merging on the freeway and they do not look until right before the lane runs out. All of the sudden they realize you are beside them. Not good for us or them.

Now the unloading of the RV begins! And I'm thinking Where did I stash everything? The rule is, "if it doesn't fit somewhere, I have to sleep with it!" (This is Spikes rule, not mine...I think it is a rule from his submarine days!)

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