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Easter dinner at my brother's house.

The kids table.

My brother and my beautiful nieces.

Of course, there was an easter egg hunt

The kids resting after the big hunt.

The desert is starting to bloom.

A visit to the park with my brother, Steve and great-niece Katelyn

Katelyn had a great time at the park.

Enjoyed watching the Blue Angels performing.

Amazing aerials from the Blue Angels.

Dinner at the famous Bobby Qs for BBQ.

Ed enjoyed every bite.

Out to dinner with cousin Cathy and friend Paul.

Happy hour in the neighborhood.

All ready for happy hour in the Tiki Bar.

Happy hour at the Tiki Bar in the park. Tonight's theme was...

Lunch at Freddies. Wish they had one in Michigan.

We love the church we go to out here.

Heading into church.

It is a mega church with more people in one service than...

My brother Steve and Carol waiting for the service to begin.

The music is loud but lively.

We howled at the moon along with other crazies from the park.

March was a 2 full moon month

Someone asked me the other day what we have been doing to keep us busy and I replied, we’ve been to the Emergency Room, Urgent Care, doctor appointments, lab appointments, dentist and had a 2 hour health assessment. Oh yeah, in between there has been pickleball, tennis, cards and games, visits with family and friends, dinners out with friends, dinners in with friends, lots of reading and relaxing, church, movies, happy hours, golfing and howling at the moon. It has taken a long time but the swelling in Ed’s knee has finally been reduced enough that he can bend it and walk without pain on it, but there was a lot of “down” time to accomplish that and he is not used to “down” time. I broke my cracked tooth eating popcorn at Bingo and had to have a crown. Wasn’t expecting that fun. Or expense! We have reached that age when you wake up in the morning and wonder what is going to fall apart today. LOL

Our time here in Arizona has come to an end and we are happy and sad. We are looking forward to going to Boise to see Kristine and Steve but are sad to leave family and friends here and the beautiful weather we have enjoyed. It has been a different experience for us as we have spent much of the winter recovering from one thing or another. Not that we haven’t had a good time while here. It’s hard not to enjoy this place as there is so much to do. But life moves on and so will we.

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