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Lake Shasta is pretty full

A peek at Mount Shasta, so pretty today!

My fav rest area in California. Randoiph E Collier rest area, in...

Lots of nice grass & lots of room to park and play

Parked at Seven feathers, in Oregon. Love all the trees and grass!

Off to an early start at 0745 this morning. Wind is predicted by the news in Redding so we are trying to beat it. But it was no problem after all.

Lots of up and down as we go through the mountains. We swapped lanes all day with the big trucks traveling through the Siskiyou's. An absolutely beautiful day, as you can see from the photos. We have been very blessed with a really good window to travel.

We got to stop at my fav California rest area. The one by the Klamath river, off the freeway. It is huge, very pretty, and extremely well maintained. After being in the land without grass to see all that bright, lush green grass is such a treat. Zozo loved the grass too, and managed to go potty right by the "no dogs" sign. I was so embarrassed, as the maintenance guy was right there watching. But how can you stop your dog from pooping, mid poop? Not! So I cleaned it up really well and said sorry!

We debated whether to park at 7 feathers or travel on for a couple of hours. We decided to just stay here, it was nice to just relax and not have to hurry. We filled up with diesel and got all parked by about 1400. It is 65 degrees here and so nice to enjoy all the evergreen trees and the white birches. This RV resort is a lovely oasis for weary travelers, like us!!!

Tomorrow will be another long day, but we will be home by the end of the day! Yeah! Thank you to our dear friends who turned up our furnace for us, and lit the hot water heater!

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