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Pan con tomate y queso - common spanish breakfast (bread, olive oil,...

Wildflowers and the climb up

Us in the village of Timar

From where we came! The medieval fortress ruins were at the top...

Well deserved beer

A beautiful sunny day with temp in mid teens. A perfect day for a truly magnificent day of walking. Max elevation 1322, Min elevation 820m.

We walked a total of 23km today. We turned right out of the hotel and descended into the Guadalfeo Valley. We wandered through the neighbouring village of Alcutar on to the market village of Cadiar. Here we stopped at a local bar for café.

As we continued on we came across a farmer whose mule had collapsed under his load of potato plantings. We were assured the load was not heavy, the mule was very old. We watched the farmer unstrap the wooden panniers from the mule and then it was able to get up again. We pitched in to pick up the spilled potatoes. Our good deed for the day.

We continued on, climbing upwards now to Lobras where we ate our picnic lunch in the village plaza.

The afternoon was the hardest part of the day as we climbed up to the villages of Timar and Juviles. Just before Juviles we choose to do the option to climb up to the site of a 10th century Mozarabic fortress. Only a few ruins left but amazing views.

The last option of the day was to walk back to Berchules rather than go to the bar in Juviles and wait for a lift back. We walked back on a rather challenging trail and had a much deserved beer back at the hotel.

Stunning, spectacular, exhilarating - I don't have the words to describe what an amazing day it was.

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