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This faithful church member came to church on his way home to...

Gloria de Cristo Church

A lonely casita with no RV's

The kitchen repainted with a new frig

The Freshly painted walls and ceiling

A good traveling puppy sits next to Spikeys seat, so he can...

Well day 2 of the trip was actually better than day 1. The new GPS only fell off the dashboard once today, and we caught it. I think Spikes going to drill that bracket into the dashboard!

We got on the road at 0800, cool and clear, and there was only minimal wind to deal with this morning. But we got delayed by two accidents. One was near Patterson where a small pick up truck fell off the 2nd level of a car carrier (a semi truck towing about a 6 car carrier) and landed on the first level of the carrier and started coming off onto the road, and it hit another single truck behind it on the highway. This happened just about a mile ahead of us. Thankfully no one was hurt.

The second accident was before Stockton. A trailer flipped over into the median. Did not see what was pulling it, I think it was towed off. That was a delay of at least a 1/2 hour or more. I should have made lunch, so we didn't have to stop.

Anyway we always dread going through Stockton and Sacramento as there is always a lot of traffic but today we were very blessed and just breezed right through. So we gained back our lost time!

We now realize why true Californians stay in the left lane, because the right lane on I5 is so chewed up with potholes and rough pavement. It is awful. It just jars your body, RV, teeth etc.

I need to back track a bit to last Sunday (Palm Sunday). Look in the photos to see what one church member drove to church, on his way home.

Today we kept running into swarms of bees that hit our windshield like pellets. It sounded like hail. Very strange. Spike had to scrub on that windshield for 1/2 an hour to get all the dead bugs off!!

We made it to Rolling hills Casino RV park at about 4:30 today, in spite of a couple of accidents. Tomorrow we will enter Oregon, and stay at Seven feathers Casino in Canyonville. Thankfully it will be a shorter day for us. Hugs to all of you, Thank you for your prayers, we feel them!

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