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Our group

Getting to know our elephants

Getting to know our elephants 1

Getting to know our elephants 2

Getting to know our elephants 3

Smelling elephant dung. It actually smells like fresh grass.

Give some love, get some love

Lois mounting her elephant. The fact that he stood up as she...


John getting on his elephant - step one, put your foot on...

Step two, ride up as she raises her leg. The problem is,...

Give me a hand, guys!

Success, but no points for style.

Eventually we all got up on our elephants. It can be a...

Lois on Boon. We rode on their necks because that is the...

John on his elephant - Sinlu

Jocelyn rode an elephant that had two children who followed along with...

John on the trail

Getting a shower from the elephants.

We spent the day at the Patara Elephant Farm, a rescue sanctuary for several dozen Asian elephants. John & I had been there in 2014, and Jocelyn wanted to go this time, so off we went! We spent our time learning about evaluating their health, diet, temperament and how to take care of them. We fed them, brushed them, rode on the back of their necks, and finally washed them in the river. Just like the last time, they gave me the biggest guy in the bunch, the only male, named Boon. I don't think he remembered me.

Our small group consisted of John, Jocelyn and me, plus Laura & Tom Daley from Orange County CA and Gustavo, a young engineer from Brazil.

There is more explanation in our next post, but we have put up a variety of photos taken by John, Jocelyn and the mahouts at Patara.

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