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Our home for the first five days in Colombia




These ladies were still playing when we came back five hours later

I love the first 24 hours in a new place where everything is new; places, smells, impressions.

We took a taxi from the airport, and I got to try out the little Spanish that I have learned during 2017. At least Jonathan was impressed: 'Mommy, why do you speak all languages?'.

Our neighborhood is Getsemani; authentic colonial style, colorful and lively. Our small hotel Casa Mara is very charming (and from seeing other areas of town in the following days, we are sure to be in the right place). We went to a local square to have dinner, on our way we could enjoy looking into the houses that all open into the street at night, with people sitting in rocking chairs on the side walk. Latinamerican music is heard on every corner. I love it here. Police is everywhere to ensure safety.

The next morning we went to the famous walled city of Cartagena. Although we were up early due to jetlag, it was already hot, and it quickly became a matter of survival rather than sightseeing. And it was also a little difficult to get rid of all the vendors of hats, sunglasses and souvenirs - all trying to make us feel like their best amigos. Jonathan did however, get an interesting little souvenir: a bracelet made of coffee beans that smells very good.

And just so we don't forget where we are: Bryan has already been offered cocaine as he walked to the nearest corner store, and yesterday morning, there was a man that looked more dead than alive lying on the side walk in a really awkward position (whether he was dead or alive will remain a mystery).

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