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Bangkok at sunrise

Bangkok at night

Our taxis



Reclining Budda

Tuk Tuk going for dinner

It’s a race

King Palace

History: Historic Siam of old, Bangkok is beautifully set on the Chao Phraya river. Thai culture is rich and engaging in this bustling center, where modern skyscrapers rub elbows with century old Buddhist wats or temples. The towering Wat Arun, named for the god of the rising sun, stands dramatically on the rivers bank. At the city’s traditional floating markets merchants sell all manner of local produce, from mango and dragon fruit to sticky rice.

Okay very nice and interesting city but how many Buddha’s and temples can you have and PS the Buddha’s can and won’t eat all the food you leave out for them, however the rats will. Let’s just say any country with a king has its own values. The Tuk Tuk are neat the mopeds are great but not with a city who’s population is 20 million, have inhaled more carbon monoxide then is necessary. Enjoy the pictures.

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