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Urban walkway, Newcastle

Tea Gardens ferry

Never far from a beach

We have been on the road for about two and a half months. We've been in Australia for nearly two weeks.

We like that we are not confronted daily with American political news. However, when we do take note of political news from home, it is painful. Our President is truly irrational, impulsive, ignorant, and insensitive. In short, not fit for office. American gun laws are irriational; and, while explainable, completely embarrassing.

Not that politics here or in Greece or in Thailand or in Morocco are any less irrational or insensitive. One of our friends is a former member of the Australian Parliament. She has explained Australian government and has thrown in amazing political stories. She uses the word "toxic" to describe the political environment she worked in.

I don't want to rationalize what truly ails our home, but all countries have irrational politics and most have terrible leadership. The people we meet and the friends we make understand we are not the government.

We have six more weeks in this huge, diverse country. We expect to see many wonderful things. But imagine trying to thoroughly visit 25 western states in the US in six weeks. It's not enough.

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