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Getting snow in Glenn Haven

Oh boy, a window seat! Taxiing out at Denver International

Just after takeoff near Denver, CO

Columbia River. Oregon on the left, Washington on the right

Mt Rainier

Near Tacoma, WA


Today is the day I have been dreading since this trip began. A full day of air travel! I know I sound like a whiney baby, but I really hate commercial air travel and all it entails. So much can go wrong even with the best laid plans, but this trip was actually pretty good.

We left the cabin at 9:15AM. Kate deposited us at the Post Office to catch the shuttle (she had to work at 9:30, we would not let her take time off to take us to Denver). It was snowing in Glen Haven which worried me. Snow has stopped the shuttle from picking us up in the past, but not today. The dreaded shuttle ride from Glen Haven to Denver International only took an hour and a half (DIA is about 85 miles from Glen Haven and the drive usually takes an hour and forty-five minutes or more). So far so good.

The flights were on time, our seats had plenty of leg room (thanks to Julie’s planning). There was a little wait in Denver because the shuttle driver was so fast. Hard to complain about that. The flight from Denver to Seattle was through clear skies almost the entire way. I was able to entertain myself by looking at the landmarks from my window seat and guessing our position. We passed over Jackson Hole, Wyoming, the Columbia River, near Mt Rainier, and other recognizable features along the way. A fast and pleasant flight.

In Seattle, we had 45 mins to catch our next flight, no rush to get to the gate.

The flight from Seattle to Anchorage was also good. This time Julie arranged for us to watch a movie. We also had a talkative young man next to us. I didn’t hear much of what he said, but he told Julie all about his trip to Costa Rica with pictures. I hope this doesn’t cost me down the road. The pictures were beautiful.

We landed in Anchorage around 8:30PM local time. Was dark and colder in Anchorage than in Colorado when we left, but didn’t feel that way. Must be the dry cold. There was plenty of snow.

My sister Kim picked us up from the airport and took us to her house to collect the beast (Sadie dog). She seemed happy to see us and seems to pick up right were we left off a month and a half ago.

We put 4,500 miles on the Yukon and covered a lot of the Southwest USA. We did everything we wanted to do. We compared road trips by car (hotel to hotel) versus road trips in our own RV. There are pros and cons to both modes. Road trips by car are easier as there is no large vehicle to contend with and eating out and staying in hotels every day can be fun…for a while. In an RV, I like having all your stuff in one place, sleeping in your own bed each night, and preparing your own food (if you want).

Which is cheaper? If you only travel a few weeks a year, probably a road trip by car is cheaper. The cost of an RV can buy a lot of hotel rooms and meals out. If you are retired and have more time to travel, the RV probably makes more sense if you don’t mind the work involved in running a large rig. Julie plans to run the numbers, maybe we can come up with a break even point when comparing the modes of travel.

All in all, it was a great trip. You know you’re lucky when you’re happy to leave and happy to come back home. Until next time! Have a great summer and thanks for sharing our journey with us.

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