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Evil Kineval

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Dirty business

The fab pool

Aspara dance show

It seems I’ve been hiding my light under a bushel all these years as my vocation is clearly that of stunt woman. Today we tuk tuk’d out to the suburbs of Siem Reap to try quad biking. We were given a quick safety briefing and a little test of our abilities to see if we would be permitted to drive alone. “You done before? You natural” said my instructor. Me “no, but I’m quite an experienced motorcyclist” 𿘬𤘈

They found me the biggest helmet for maximum amusement (see photo) and then Evil Kineval and I took our quads and set off round the countryside. Our new hero John (85, not 82 as I previously thought) was in front of me and a complete speed demon (all that Concorde flying I guess) so I had to up my game to stay behind him. Excellent but filthy fun. I went out looking like a British tourist and came back with an Essex-girl spray tan, except the spray was dirt.

John and his wife Sue (83, who was also quad biking) are completely inspirational and the best example of how you should never, ever say you’re too old for anything. They are also our new travel advisers because where they haven’t been isn’t worth visiting. Posh as posh can be, but never show off, just fascinating and charming people. It’s been a privilege to holiday with them.

This afternoon was spent relaxing by the pool. The swim up bar was very welcome. We swam up and were served by a waiter called Salad (true story) although we ignored the hint and ordered burgers and chips. Absolutely delicious after all the foreign stuff!!

Tonight was the farewell dinner and another dance show. I must admit the traditional music is an acquired taste (Neil to me "got any earplugs?") but the costumes are divine.

We enjoyed a delicious final meal with some people who've become good friends.

We leave the hotel at noon tomorrow and land in the UK at 6am Friday. Final thoughts on this trip? It's been enlightening, awe-inspiring and above all, HOT. We highly recommend coming to see the sights of Vietnam and Cambodia and to meet these wonderful people who so need investment and tourism. If nothing else, it will be yet another reminder of how lucky you are.


Lesley and Neil


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