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Ken loves anything that uses electricity. As I have written earlier, I wish I had put two and two together and purchased more electric gizzmos and gadgets for the kitchen. The recent purchase of an air fryer and Instant Pot have greatly enhanced his desire to get involved in meal preparation.

Since we left home last fall we have ridden bikes with two different podcast listeners who ranted and raved about how much they loved their e-bikes. Since we ride for fun and exercise and stop when we've had enough, it never crossed my mind that e-bikes were now on his shopping list. The Tucson bike trail system is spectacular and extensive. It is not as flat as our trails at home and we've gotten winded at times on our Monday rides. As Ken researched the e-bike possibilities, he discovered that a local RV dealer had some for sale and we went to check them our and give them a test run. I found the bike heavy and it seemed so powerful, it felt like it would ride away without me. Of course, Ken loved it. They only had one foldable bike for sale, a demonstrator model. We have a bike rack, but folding them inside our car keeps them clean and promotes their longevity. So Ken bought the folding e-bike and I stayed in medieval mode.

On the next Monday ride he was disappointed that the battery on the bike began to fail after a few miles of riding. He recharged the battery and found that if he rode without peddling, it only last about a mile; it was supposed to go twenty. He phoned the manufacturer and discovered that the new-to-him bike was so old that the battery was no longer made. It is likely that the RV dealer did not keep it charged properly and all it was good for was to be a door stop. Very disappointing!

To make a long story a little shorter, the RV dealer refunded Ken his money and the bike manufacturer offered him a deal on a truly brand new model. I still don't really want an e-bike myself, but I'm not getting any younger and I had visions of Ken riding off into the sunset while I struggled to keep up. So we inquired if we could have the deal on two bikes and the response was affirmative. By the time we get home, two brand new foldable e-bikes will be delivered to our house. Now I just have to figure out how to control mine...

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