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Fried insects anyone?

He found the swim-up pool

I would have enjoyed the farewell dinner on the boat a lot more last night if I’d felt better but unfortunately I took a turn for the worse and so this morning we decided enough wa enough and it was time to call on expert help. We arranged for a doctor to meet us at the Siem Reap hotel on arrival although there was the small matter of a 4-5 hour coach journey first. Luckily it was uneventful on my part but entertaining in parts, especially the comfort break stop. The guides constantly refer to the ‘happy house’ (the loo) but one look at the facilities on offer made me damn sure I wouldn’t be happy at all in there. The pit stop is well known for its fried insects - beetles, locusts, crickets, tarantulas - (see photo). Apparently full of protein and perhaps what I’ve been missing from my diet. The lady carrying a toddler with a live tarantula on its head was a first for us. Aimee, tell Matt I passed on that souvenir opportunity for him.

Our hotel in Siem Reap is another wow venue. I met with the tri-lingual and charming Dr Kildare/Zhivago/Cambodia and his (beautiful) assistant who arrived by ambulance with enough equipment to perform open heart surgery. Luckily I only have a bacterial stomach infection and been injected/given a bag full of medication to see me through to the end of the trip. Although we missed the afternoon excursion, we consoled ourselves by relaxing around the pool.

We just met a young British girl who’s doing a PhD on Cambodian tourism and was asking about our trip. She met some Americans at the hotel who’ve not left it at all and have no intention of doing so (we are about 5 miles from Cambodia’s most famous landmark). Nowt as funny as folk.

It’s a 5am start for sunrise over Angkor Wat tomorrow morning. Perhaps only 30 degrees at that time. As our guide says, Cambodia has two seasons “hot and bloody hot”. We are in the latter.

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