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a 'prickly pear' boundary fence .... perfect for a rural property

not unlike the 'Great Ocean Road'

Portoscuso's abandoned tuna fish marina

..... excuse me ?

a favourite main street....Sant'Antioco

just a few steps from our verandah

wine & nibbles ... who cares if its raining

roadside maintenance is underway

Because ferry services to Sicily are limited in the off-season our planned departure needed to be changed which in turn allowed us another four nights in Sardinia. We chose to spend them in Portoscuso, a small coastal commune where they spoke Italian and Sardinian Campidanese. :-o

What hope did we have, but we managed.

That base for our final four nights was brilliant. Gilli had scored well again. Very spacious, modern and with the Mediterranean virtually lapping at the back verandah, a perfect place to unwind.

Sadly, the 'power fairy' struck again and once more we were in the dark.... but not for long.

A drive up the coast produced some very spectacular sights not unlike many along our Great Ocean Road. Fishing villages were dominant, some with lots of abandoned equipment. One had an old tuna marina in which boats entered through brick archways into covered unloading bays.

It must have been spectacular in its day.

Another interesting discovery was the welcoming town of 'Buggerru'. The name was so fascinating

we just had to pay a visit to see what we could find.

Unfortunately we found 'buggerall' so we left disappointed.

In no way disappointing was our visit to Sant'Antioco on a nearby island. It had one of the nicest main streets we've encountered with tree foliage forming a tunnel for over 400 metres. It had a really welcoming feel as you entered and was quite busy compared to many other towns.

The drive back to our base was a leisurely one through hills and valleys with only the occasional vehicle for company. That momentarily changed as we were pelted with tiny, pea sized hale for about ten minutes. Short and sweet but it did take us by surprise. The changeable Mediterranean weather does provide lots on interest …. first there was the muddy-rain and now mini-hale …. who knows what's next.

We found that out later as we enjoyed wine and nibbles at the beach outside our back door. No sooner had we 'pulled the cork' when a blasting storm came from nowhere. We huddled under a tree for some great protection and proceeded to enjoy a bit of late afternoon quiet time.

A nearby blowhole ensured it was not overly quiet.

To top off a fun day someone managed to break the key in the front door. Dah! Nice one Davo.

Probably as a consequence of this he lost his position as ' hair colour-er extraordinaire' when Gilli found a Chinese/Italian hairdresser in nearby Carbonia. He took over two hours to do what Davo would do in 15 minutes.

Perhaps he did the job with a little more detail. :-(

A moderate drive back to Cagliari was uneventful and soon we were boarding our overnight ferry to Palermo in Sicily.

Bunk beds …. rolling seas …. should be fun. :-)

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