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Locals enjoying the Mekong!

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Well I did say yesterday that I had no idea where we were going today and I still don’t know because I spent from yesterday afternoon until lunchtime today being ill in my room. I thought my brief stomach upset had gone but it returned with a vengeance (I’ll spare the detail) which floored me. And it seems quite a few others are in the same boat (pardon the pun) which, according to the trip director is “about normal”. Excuse me, what?! So this is to be expected on this trip every time? Let me refer to the travel brochure and find the massive omission of info about that risk. I’m not in the best of moods when I’m hot, hungry or sick so when all are combined it’s dangerous to cross me. I shall be giving them my uncensored feedback on the fact they think this is acceptable asap.

Neil therefore did this morning’s excursion alone, along with those still standing from our group. He travelled into a floating market and went into the village to see a blacksmiths. He learned that the people who live on the river tend to be Vietnamese migrants but the Cambodians are trying to close down the floating villages as the children remain uneducated and life expectancy is much lower. It’s only 68 anyway but that’s an improvement on 5 years ago when it was only 50.

Meanwhile I decided to forego the foreign food for some good old chips and feel better for them! We disembark tomorrow and have a long coach trip to our final hotel in Siem Reap so I have to be well for that.

We’ve both enjoyed the river cruise and seeing the heart of these two countries. It’s quite special floating along in the sunshine and having local children shout, wave and perform somersaults into the river, next to the family oxen having a drink. I get the feeling that the kids’ stomachs are slightly less delicate than mine.

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