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24th February. No photo's this entry, because by the time we finished setting up in 38 degree heat, I needed a cold beer, and another, and I was going to go for a drive, but the boss said no ( remember RBT on TV ) so it was a quiet afternoon until the storm hit, and we needed to lash the annex down and batten the hatches. Caravan Park didn't have one spare powered site, and with 278 Powered Sites it is reported to be the largest Caravan Park in Australia ( said another grey nomad, and we don't tell lies )

Strange weather this Victoria has...........we were cold in Marimbulah, and arrive here to 38 degrees, then a storm hits and it cold.

25th February. Rain has set in and I'm too big of sook, to go fishing...........cold and wet, nothing to do, so off to the Mallacoota Pub for lunch, and and a coldie. Ann enjoyed a chicken meal which she said was nice, and I tried my favourite of Bangers and Mash. Seems fresh potato's are hard to find here as I'm sure they found a supply of DEB INSTANT POTATO. Still it was nice watching the rain fall outside, although I was wishing the had their two fireplaces burning. Melbourne weather from here on ???

26th February. Rain lasted until just after lunch, so I went off and tried a spot of fishing on the lake ( salt water as the ocean entry to this lake closed off two years ago) No fish for this Rex Hunt, but the lady next to me on the jetty, caught s great Tailor ( Didn't know you could catch Tailor in still water let alone a closed off lake ) The only Tailor I have caught has been in the surf on Fraser Island !

Had a few drinks with our neighbors who are heading off to Perth to see their kids. They have a Patriot Caravan and he claims he has had to get the chasis reinforced, as it bent from travelling along some dirt roads, and he had to tie his door shut with some rope. He went on to say Patriot Manufacturer in Qld did not want to help. He really bagged this van but said he couldn't afford to change.

27th February. Time to pack up for a 200 Klm drive to Lakes Entrance. My new found friend ( with the Patriot ) followed me round and around our van while I was trying to get ready, telling me story after story of other people he had seen driving off with their TV antenna still up, with their legs still down.......etc etc. Wonder if he helped them pack-up as well ?

We arrived in Orbost ( the brand of the beer I drank at the Mallacoota Pub ) and had a fantastic Pie and soft drink at the Bakery. Shopping at various stores we both commented on how friendly and helpful everyone here was, and a refreshing change ( they couldn't do enough for you )

We arrived at Lakes Entrance ( Koonwarra Holiday Park ) and we had to agree with comments on Wikicamps saying the sites here are a bit of a squeeze, and we had to drive into the vacant site across the road, or we would not have fitted ( no room for the car if we rolled out the awning, so we only rolled it out about a metre, so we could have the car with us on site.

Tomorrow we are off to Yallourn North Hotel for a bit of free camping ( so fill the water tanks )

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