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our Moby ferry did some "rockin' & a rollin' " on the...

Santa Teresa Gallura, our entry into Sardinia...very small and pretty

Mediterranean water is gorgeous everywhere

another road block .... this time in Sardinia

rock homes in Sedini were ingenious

Sardinian mural art.....brilliant

Gilli's new party outfit

Alghero's shoreline.... an interesting area.....

...... with ramparts still in tact ......

...... and a busy marina

the 14th C homes were amazing inside Alghero's walls

pretty, but its not a Harley

free wines ? ..... I'm in

a hard decision .... Amaretto or Norcello ?

weathered rocks looked spectacular throughout Sardinia

Hey Gilli....I've just done a great deal on first class tickets to...

perhaps Davo has some sort of rock fetish going by his photos,...

Bosa had an interesting town centre and fortifications

it seems every town has a castle including Castelsardo

its easy to see why the Sardinian coastline is popular with mainland...

Our ferry ride from Corsica to Sardinia was a little 'roly-poly' but we managed to keep breakfast down ok. Apart from that it was another easy island hop and a great experience.

The arrival port, Santa Teresa Gallura, was very small and quite pretty. After a quick look around we headed for Alghero, on the Mediterranean coast, an easy two hour drive through green undulating farmland. A goat roadblock added extra interest for a few minutes.

Our B&B unit was a short walk to the town centre's great old cobbled streets and alleys.

The bars and restaurants were more friendlier than in Corsica and as on the mainland when you ordered wine they provided plenty of free nibbles. How could we not love the place.

One of our favourite spots “encouraged” Gilli to try out some Sardinian sparkling wine which supposedly is kept underwater to maintain temperatures over long hot periods. Whatever the story she liked it, perhaps a little too much. It was a long afternoon.

On another occasion we felt game and decided to try out traditional Sardinian dinners at a nearby restaurant frequented by the locals. The fixed price, choice of mains menu was overwhelming.

Varied meat cold cuts and cheeses of every kind plus bread was stacked before us.....for starters.

Stewed lamb, zucchini, eggplant, fennel, roasted spuds and pasta followed and slowed Gilli down momentarily.

Apart from drinking wine, free or otherwise, and getting into the pastries we did some driving up and around the northern areas visiting Sassari, Porto Torres, Castelsardo and Stintino among others.

Sedini was a standout with some of its homes dug into massive rock cliffs while others like Bosa had amazingly intact centuries old town centres.

The roads were brilliant, enough for the navigator/financial controller/cook and 'head shopper' to add to her portfolio, she took control of the wheel. Things went perfectly until we got tangled up in some narrow streets in a small village. It took a while but she did get us out.

Her drive ended soon after.

We eventually moved south to our next base near Cagliari, the Sardinian Capital.

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