The Barbs squared in Costa Rica travel blog

Hammocks and our little cabins

Woodpecker type bird-This bird is fun to watch

Tanager? Help me out birders.....

Yes, I found a Brugmansia

What is a hydrangea doing here? They don't look so good and...

Wow, we leave tomorrow for home. Today is hot and humid, more so than any day so far. We agree that it's time to head back and hear that Seattle is cold and snowy. It will be quite the contrast hailing an Uber at SeaTac, 2 am, wearing flip flops. I will miss the warmth of the climate and people here. They have been universally helpful and eager to show off their country (Well, except for that one taxi man). I love meeting travelers from other countries and my own, exchanging views. We have met conservative and liberal people who we've had very informative conversations with. I learn something new about the world every trip I take, that's what I like about traveling. Time to go for a swim and start organizing for the trip home. We've covered a lot of ground in Costa Rica, so many micro climates, animal habitats and two oceans. Thanks to Barbara for putting up with me. Thanks to Greg, our host and concierge here at Casa Valeria. He plays the best background music, Beatles, Moody Blues, Queen, Abba, mostly 60's and 70's. Mamma Mia! The young kids staying here don't seem to mind it.

Ciao, see you at home


Well, even I haven't had much to blog about for the past few days. We have been busy absorbing as much light, sun and warmth prior to heading home, where we hear the weather has been cold, snowy and generally not very vacation-like. I walk along the ocean mornings and late afternoons, in order to assuage my obsession with the 10 K steps daily, but in general, we spend the time catching up on reading, chatting and occasionally playing cribbage.


Peg, our usual partner in crime..we hopped the waves today. So much fun,so soothing

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