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Whether we are at home or in our home away from home, we usually spend the day out and about doing things that are fun or need to be done, and settle into home entertainment mode for the evening. The last two weeks cold day time temperatures have curtailed our athletic activities and we've gone out as the sun sets.

We love the Loft Theater here and would love to clone it and take it home. While it occasionally shows blockbuster films, it focuses on all those movies we read about that never make it to our local multiplex. Documentaries and foreign films are regular offerings and the program changes often. The last few weeks the Loft has been showing the Academy Award nominated short documentaries, short live action and short animated films. This large theater sells out for these events and we love sharing the experience with thoughtful people for whom the Academy Awards remains the Super Bowl of film.

Of course you can't go out for a show without dinner. There are many, many restaurants here that are not part of national chains and we have had some great meals at reasonable prices. As you would expect there's lots of Mexican food, but it has little in common with the Mexican food we eat at home where rice, refried beans and something fried seem to be all the menu has to offer. As hot chili wimps we were reluctant to sample some of the dishes, but they often include a special cheese sauce that cools the hot vibes and the end result is muy bueno.

Tucson also has a vibrant music scene and many of these performances are in bars. We have never liked going to bars. We hated the smoke, the drinks were high priced and if you had them you had to worry about driving fitness for the trip home. Sitting around shooting the breeze with blitzed people had no appeal. But we have some local contacts here who know about the musicians and what this scene is about, so we decided to give the bar scene another try. We were warned that our first foray would take place in a space too small for the eight piece woodwind and brass band and I stopped in the gun section at Walmart to buy ear plugs. I was glad I did, but I was also glad we went. The musicians were fabulous and put their own twist on mostly familiar rock music. Many of the other patrons were more or less our age and many danced enthusiastically in a tiny corner. And there was no smoke. Our second venture out into the music scene was to a cowboy bar, where most of the folks wore some manner of cowboy attire and the large dance floor accommodated everyone so inclined. Many danced nonstop and had great moves. It was clear they had been doing this for years. Country music is not our favorite, but once again the musicians were talented and one song flowed seamlessly into another. For the price of one drink we had a full evening of entertainment. And the ear plugs came in handy once again.

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