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Refer repair with the magic putty

Repair with metal strip and screws added

Installed, it looks good, and it works! Macgyver strikes again!

This catus is blooming, the blossoms start out looking like coffee beans...

Another view of the catus blossoms

The lemon tree is on the left. Spike added bowls of flowers...

The bees love the lemon tree blossoms. Only his little bottom is...

Another view of these sweet, kind of waxy blossoms!

We added some tables for the plants and some "yard art" on...

Day is done. God paints us another pretty sunset!

You will never guess what happened. The refrigerator door in the RV, fell off. Yup. I was standing at the sink, making dinner and all of the sudden the door just dropped off to the floor. Straight down, and only the Ivars tartar sauce fell out and broke. But here I am with a broken door in front of me. I yelled for Spike who was outside. He discovered that the bottom hinge/pin mechanism had broken. It is plastic, so we thought we would have to buy a new refrigerator door. So we unload the refrigerator, and redistribute the food into the big frig in the Casita. (Thank goodness for that nice big refrigerator.)

So Spike starts doing some research. Well, aint nothing ever easy. They don't make that frig any more, as they had problems with this design. Hmmm. In 2008 they made a new model So no refer doors are available, because it was a bad design. So Spike checked with a RV parts guy in Yuma and no used doors available. Sounds like we will have to completely change out the refrigerator. But wait...I'm married to MacGyver!!! He says "I'm going to try to fix it."

So he gets out his bag of tricks and he has some loc-tite putty that you add epoxy too and mold it to the shape you want. So he molds that around what's left of the plastic hinge, lets it dry, sands it smooth, then gets some metal plate that he gets from Butch, and reinforces the molded area with the metal. Then he drills holes in it and adds screws to anchor it together. And then he paints it black to match. So will it work? He installs it and it opens and closes fine. So we lit off the frig and cautiously added some shelves and condiments to the door. It is doing fine. Looks like its fixed. Pretty amazing!

WE are so thankful that this did not happen while we were underway. Can you imagine the mess that it would have made? Food flying everywhere! Or even while we were in Tucson, where we did not have an extra refrigerator, or a tool shed full of cool parts to choose from for repairs. God is good, and it happened here, where MacGyver could actually fix it.

On a lighter note, the lemon tree got planted, and has lots of blossoms, and lots of bees on it. The other trees seemed to have survived their heavy pruning's and are also budding up. Now I understand what people mean about citrus trees smelling wonderful when they blossom. It is so true!

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