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Dinner on the berach

Gin and tonic Sunset


Surfers at sunset

Not hard. We wake up to birds singing and breakfast on the patio. Fruit and pancakes are are our staple. Then into a suit and taking a walk on the beach to get a start on our steps. Decisions, decisions, the red or blue hammock for some reading time. Maybe a nap. Then a swim and writing. Barb has just reminded me that we have three more days of this. How many books can we read? After the first two weeks being so intense this final down week is moving in slow motion. The water is too rough for paddle boarding but I am hopeful there will be a break and the water will calm.


Yes, we are relaxing here; and it is amazing to me how antsy I can be; I feel this need to be doing, rather than being. But; I am working on it... The weather reports from home of snow and cold weather of course make this easier to accept and go with the flow. I have no idea of what I am going to wear for the trip home; I have nothing for cold weather with me...(plus by this point of the trip, most of my clothes have a definite "lived in" look and possibly smell to them...)

Our little hotel here on the beach has a nice polyglot feel to it; guests from Canada, France Germany, Italy and the US all coexisting. There is a lovely retired Canadian couple who are here for 2 months and seem to act as the campground officials, and allow Barb and I to feel that we are not the old fogeys. However, I notice that we are going to dinner earlier and earlier and will soon be asking for the senior discount menu... the other guests are decidedly in the 20-30 age range.


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