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The medics tried to fix him up.

He made it home to the couch, but he wasnt feeling well.

Ed's leg is pretty nasty looking.

Playing Joker outdoors with friends.

The girls side of the boat.

The guys side of the boat.

Dave and Mary Jane

Tim and Sue

Ruth Ann and Dean

Sue and Ed

The big horn sheep looked like they were posing for us.

There were 6 or 7 in a group.

Captain Dave

Waiting for the skydivers to land.

The crew watching the skydivers float down.

They landed right in front of us.

They are so awesome as they drop from the sky.

Grant getting ready to blow out all the candles. His mom, Wendy...

The birthday boy, Grant, riding one of his presents.

My great nephew, Dean with his medal from flag football.

Katelyn relaxing in the "kids closet."


The kids doing their "bubble wrap" dance.

My beautiful niece, Shelley.

Fully engulfed, but fortunately no one was in there.

This was what Ed spotted before the fire trucks got there.

The trailer was destroyed and the park model next to it was...

Lots of firemen trying to contain the blaze.

After church dinner at Freddy's.

A lot has happened in the 3 weeks since I last updated. First, Ed had a bad bicycle accident and injured his leg and that has laid him up all these weeks. He was riding with the bike club and was riding too close to the cyclist in front of him and in order to avoid crashing into him, he swerved into the curb and took a nasty fall. Fortunately, an ambulance happened to be driving by and saw his fall so did a u-turn with siren and lights flashing and patched him up. He continued to ride the 6 miles back home but I don’t know how he did that. When he arrived, his leg was all swollen and black and blue and his knee had an open wound. Despite being in pain, he tried to play golf the next day, but that was a mistake. (I told him so!). His leg was so swollen that night that I encouraged him to go to the ER to check if the knee was broken and he agreed so you know he was hurting. After 4 hours in the emergency room, the verdict was nothing broken, just a bad contusion and possibly ligament damage. He has been taking it easy since then and the swelling is finally going down but he is still having trouble bending his knee. I have been encouraging to go back to the doctor to have it checked out again and I think I have finally convinced him he needs to have it checked again. It has been rough on him as he never sits still and there has been no pickle ball, tennis, ping pong, bike club, walking, hiking, or golfing. He has been reading a lot and we have been playing cards. I even taught him hand and foot so now he can sub this summer when my hand and foot club meets.

Despite all that, we were able to join our friends from Michigan (Tim and Sue Eyth and Dave and Mary Jane Hock) while they were camping in Apache Junction. We all rented a pontoon boat and spent a wonderful day on Canyon Lake, enjoying the cruise and even spotted 2 groups of big horn sheep on the mountainsides. We also joined them in Eloy, AZ watching the skydivers and then out to dinner. We always have a good time when we are out together. Our RV friends Dean and Ruth Ann joined us too. We have been playing Joker with Dean and Ruth Ann as often as we can. And our old time friends from Flint, Jerry and Carolyn Drews, came over one afternoon and we enjoyed their company, conversation and playing cards with them. Recently, we spend the evening with Ed’s cousin Cathy and her friend, Paul, at Paul’s place in Sun City where they fixed us a delicious meal and we played Michigan Rummy. We hadn’t played that in a long time and it was a lot of fun.

We have been attending church at our favorite church, Christ’s Church of the Valley (CCV) in Peoria. We usually meet my brother Steve and his wife Carol there and then go out to dinner afterwards. We love being able to do that. And we were fortunate to attend my great-nephew Grant’s 2nd birthday party. He belongs to my niece Wendy and her husband Ryan. The entire Arizona branch of the family were there including Wendy and Ryan’s other two, Dean (6) and Charlotte (4), and my niece Shelley and her husband Tommy and their daughter, Katelyn (5), and of course, my brother, Steve and his wife Carol. It was fun watching the kids play and seeing how much they had grown from last year.

We had a bit of excitement in the park when a travel trailer caught on fire just 2 blocks in front of us a week or so ago. It totally destroyed the trailer and damaged the park model next to it as well as caused smoke damage to several other RVs that were parked near it. It is scary to see how fast these RVs can burn up. Fortunately, no one was home so no one was injured but you can imagine the crowd it drew when 6 fire trucks arrived on the scene. We could smell the smoke and acrid air for the rest of the day.

We have a lot of plans for the rest of the month but it all depends on how Ed’s knee is doing. I just hope it heals up before we have to leave here as I am NOT driving this beast.

I understand the winter has been a rough one back home and I am hoping you all are safe, warm and Spring arrives early. The fruit trees here are full of white blossoms and it makes me eager for Spring. We finally had a day of rain, which was much needed here. Of course, any time it rains out here, they all say it will make the desert blooms beautiful in the Spring. We have seen the desert bloom and it is pretty, but it’s not like the blooms we get in the Spring in Michigan. They don’t know what they are missing!

Till next time ………………………..

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