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Playa Samara

Outside the Casa Valeria

Pelicans fishing

Sunset in Samara

We had a rather grueling day yesterday; traveling from the Caribbean coast to the Pacific, but made it at last to the Playa Samara. It is a perfect way to wind down the trip; sun, sand, hammocks, palm trees and alcohol. The water here is warm, which seems wrong to me as it is the Pacific, but the nice long shallow sand helps keep everything warmed up.

I walked along the beach today and came across pelicans fishing; there must have been a shoal of fish out there as they were busy diving, surfacing, flying up to circle around and repeating the process. They are such prehistoric looking birds; you can see the leap from pterodactyl to pelican if you squint just right... Also the beach was filled with these tiny whelk-like creatures: small seashells with this greyish white mollusk appearing underbody which expands to about 3x the size of the shell, then quickly retreats back inside if you look too closely. Later, I saw that they had all buried themselves into the sand; with just a hint of fluttery white showing above the sand. Weird (to me; I am sure that my daughter in law Whitney and perhaps others already know what these things are...)


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