Vietnam to Myanmar …… and back travel blog

Shop houses

Unusual road number

Water bufffalo in the mud - in the marsh surrounding Tonle Sap

An hour or two were spent on car maintenance and admin. We then went for a short walk in Battambang mainly to find a new card for the GoPro. It is a new venture and Robin is learning the procedures. We saw some of the shop houses and an excellent juice bar.

We drove to Siem Reap around the end of Tonle Sap, a huge lake connected to the Mekong. It’s size varies during the year as the connection with the Mekong flows ‘uphill’ when the Mekong is in spate.

The Grand Angkor Hotel (also known as Raffles) lives up to expectations. We have found a laundry round the corner where we can get all our washing done and ironed for less than a pair of socks at the hotel. 3.5 dollars in total.

We met Angela and Paul at their hotel near the night market and walked through that area to a restaurant that was also a second hand bookshop. I had an excellent curry.

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