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As soon as we arrived at Rincon West campground Ken began attending meetings of the photo club; I went a few times, too. Photography is one of Ken's passions and it is stimulating to hang around with others that feel the same way you do. Even though he probably could have taught the sessions, you always pick up an idea or two from others and we made some photographic field trips based on the recommendations of club members. Most clubs have fund raisers during the season. The photo club assembles and sells strawberry shortcake desserts and holds an annual photo sharing display where anyone at the campground can submit photos to share. While people munch on their shortcakes, they wander around voting for the two best photos on display. The two categories separated the photos that were pretty much as is, as they came out of the camera and photos that had been manipulated further on computers. Ken decided to share three, covering both categories and used the largest format allowed - 11"x14". The photos were printed at Walgreens and he turned them in a few days before the deadline. Then the club members matted all the photos to lend degree of uniformity and professionalism to the tableau.

A few days later we were in the car and he got a call from a club member who said that his photos were too big and needed to be trimmed. He seemed to assume we were sitting in the campground waiting for his call and got rather snarly when hearing we wouldn't be back in short order to take care of this. Oh, well. A few days later a woman called to inquire why Ken hadn't come in to trim his photo submissions. Again, we were out and about and Ken gave her permission to trim them because we wouldn't be back soon enough for her schedule, but it wasn't clear that this would be done. He guessed that the white borders were the problem and they could easily be removed. This woman, too, seemed shocked that he wasn't in the park and ready to come in and do what needed to be done immediately.

It all left kind of a bad taste in our mouths and Ken missed a few meetings and put the photo show out of his mind. Tonight we were in the car again and we got a call asking why Ken was not at the photo show and I told the caller the sad story (above). There was a pause and then he said, "Well, tell Ken that his photos were the people's choice and won both categories. We are very sorry about how this was handled and I'll talk to those responsible to make sure this never happens again." I'm so pleased that Ken's work received the recognition it deserved and sorry that he wasn't there to hear it for himself. Ironic.

Careful blog readers have seen my pale versions of the photos he submitted and can surely understand why I did not enter my own. Which of the two photos would have received your vote?

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