2018 Southern Eastern Australia Crawl travel blog

Wollongong Harbour

Wollongong Harbour

Kiama Harbour

Kiama lighthouse

Little blow hole



747 Electronics room

747 crew rest area

747 Cockpit

Thank fully it doesn't fly anymore......


The wing

The front from an unusual angle

The back from an unusual angle

On the wing

The crowd

Hi All,

More adventures, more lunches, more dinners and thankfully with the non inclusion of a set of scales in the van we can but predict, more weight.

We have spent over a week in Wollongong, a city 80kms south of Sid Knee and where Anne was born and raised and where Marco moved to from Sid Knee when aged 13. Its where we then met, married and had the kids before moving to Queensland in 1992 where the weather is warmer.

Whilst here we caught up with a lot of old friends over breakfast, lunch or dinner or both, the word old meaning in length of knowing but now also meaning years of age but almost all are in good health and going well, lets hope that continues. We visited the graves of both our parents and both sets of Anne's grandparents. We went to an friends 70th birthday party and we drove to some places of interest that we had visited many years ago, even though we come here at least bi-annually there is always another place we want to see to bring back memories.

One of Marco's 70th birthday presents from friends Barry and Gai was an inspection of a retired Qantas Boeing 747. In 1989 the plane set a record as the longest commercial aircraft flight non stop from London to Sydney. In 2015 it set the record of the shortest commercial aircraft flight from Sydney to Wollongong. Its is now a tourist attraction at the Historic Aircraft Restoration Society in Wollongong. Barry our friend and Marco did the tour and crawled all over it guided by retired engineers, cabin crew and pilots. We went round the engines, wheels, electronics bay, crew rest bays, galleys, all the different seating arrangements and of course the cockpit where with just the 2 of them the pilot explained the operations over 1.5 hours. The whole tour lasted 4 hours. The next day due to weather we did a wing walk with more information. A fantastic experience overall.

From here we will move south to spend a week with some very dear friends from our early days the wives being 2 girls that Anne did her nursing training with when she commenced in 1969. We all have caravans so we will stay together in a coastal village called lake Conjola about 100kms south of here.Lots more trips down memory lane too come.

And so the trip continues

As ever


Mum and Dad

UM and AA

GM and GD

Anne and Marco

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