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20 happy golfers?

Or 20 happy...

Sadie on the Moon


Another B-29 picture

Old Air Force One

B-36 Peacemaker

Another angle B-36


Second angle on B-17

Today was busy early. I had to prepare for a Board get together for the bank. Sue went to WalMart to pick up a few items and to find a golf glove for today's golf outing. I completed my phone call and was ready to go by noon. Since we have five tee times beginning at 1:00, we had to hurry. We made it to Tierra Grande Golf Course. Now, no offense but it is a real stretch to call this a golf course. It did have some green grass but it was thin, except for the greens. Now to say the greens reminded me of broccoli, in the way they looked and putted would be a compliment. It was a short course but it was rough. Anyway this was a fun outing...like...Hitting marshmallows off the number one tee. On number three, we had to putt with a hockey stick. On hole 5 we had to putt with a tennis ball...that was not totally round. On hole 7 we drew a ball from a bag that designated that my partner and I both had to hit a club between 7 and W for the entire hole. Since my partner was going to be challenged by the 105 yard hole, we chose 7 iron. We both had to play the 7 iron through the putt. That made this an easy double bogey hole as I did not hold the green. On hole 8 we had to hit our tee shot with oven mitts on each hand. On 9 we had to putt blindfolded. Now this was an outing that was for fun only. Otherwise it would drive you nuts. Now a reminder that you cannot play with your spouse...for sanity. Okay we purposed to have a good time and really enjoyed the outing. Sue was in the first group and I was in the last one (group 5). I hit enough good shots between the goofy shots that I was pleased with my play today. We all gathered on the veranda after we all finished and enjoyed stories for the best part of 30 minutes before it was time to head back. ( 2 pictures)

Awards dinner was in the area directly behind the Bus. We enjoyed the comradery and the pizza. Pizza was good, in case we did not get to eat any more later, we (I) filled up. We set outside with the Canadians until the southern people could not stay with the Canadians. It was cool...damn cool.

Now today the weather was different. A front is coming in from the west and the humidity is at a more acceptable level. So humidity causes the cool to feel cooler and makes breathing better. Anyway the humor of the tournament will live on for a few days after we have gone but the cool caused us to call uncle and run for heat. Great time with rules we did not understand...anyway...

In case you have forgotten I still have a few airplane pictures to share. So let me show you a few. First, there is a picture of Sue and Sadie on the moon...in the space building. Then we have a PBY amphibian plane used by the Navy in WWII. One more picture of the beautiful B-29. Then a picture of an old Air Force One. Placard indicates it was used by Presidents Kennedy and Johnson. I will close with a couple of pictures of a B-36 Peacemaker. Look at the size of the plane. The wingspan is 236 feet. You can see the size or the plane when you see Sue next to the plane. This plane has 6 reverse placed propeller engines on the wings with a dual jet engine at the end of each wing. This plane was closed out almost as soon as it was finished. The jet bombers made this plan obsolete before it was even built out to full strength. A shame. Next there are two pictures of a B-17. It had a space under the cockpit area that showed how the front gunner got in place. It is not surprising because I had seen a B-17 up close less than a year ago and was then fascinated on how they got in that small space. I will mention there was no waste of money in insulating the inside of the aircraft. This plane flew with the inside of the plane fully exposed with ZERO insulation. I am sure the folks flying this plane froze their rears off when in flight in the war.

Oh well, it is time for a shower and bedtime. It has been a long day. But I still think I will dream of airplanes..

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