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At home in Chicagoland we avidly watch the weather forecasts. Things change regularly and dramatically. Outdoor plans always are contingent. Our closets are crammed with appropriate clothing which can take us from -5º to 95º with high humidity. Here in Tucson, at least for the winters we have spent here, the weather forecasters have nothing to say. Every day is exactly the same. The temperature fluctuates about 40º throughout 24 hours and it is always sunny. Occasionally they get excited because they can mention that it will be more windy. It can be gusty and the dust flies around, but in our home town it would hardly rate a mention.

On one TV station they exhibit a weather map, but all it shows is the best spots to view the sunset. Since sunset is during the dinner preparation/eating time, we are often not able to document it photographically, but the other evening we were downtown and got a chance to admire it ourselves.

In contrast I submit a photo of our home which a neighbor kindly sent documenting the recent 22" snowfall. That would give the weather dudes here something to talk about!

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