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Feeding the birds

tree trunk



One of the 3 great Danes at Chalet Nicholas

We spent a quiet day around the hotel yesterday. The property abuts the National Forest, so in the morning we took a long hike down to the river and back. Beautiful jungle, and the 3 Great Danes lolloped along with us, which I am pretty sure is not exactly kosher... John, who is 82 also gamboled along, guiding us along the path. It was rather humbling, seeing him sprinting up the trail, as I was gasping along behind. Barb, of course, is also like a gazelle along the path. It is lovely here, so peaceful and filled with birds. This is the first place that I have been to that shares our Northwest phraseology about the local mountain. In our case here, the Volcano "was not out" for the entirety of our trip.

Barb and I have been learning some new booking criteria on this trip. Amenities listed include things like "toilet paper" and especially "hot water" and at one no doubt fine establishment "toilet". Who knew that one needed to ascertain these things??? Of course, for me internet access is a big issue, and it is surprising how many places do not have this. I have learned that I am willing to go without hot water to have internet. Go figure. Fortunately we have had (relatively) warm to hot water in most of our current locations.

Today, we head off to nearby Fortuna, (where we are currently residing in air conditioned splendor), where tomorrow we embark on a rafting trip at 5:30 am (ugh). It sounds wonderful; combining white water rafting with naturalist led hikes and floating along the Rio Picaure. I am not sure how good the internet connection with be there, so we may or may not be adding info until we get to Cahuita.


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