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It traveled very well in the shower! Ha, Ha!

Fred has a new girlfriend/wife! She flew out from Florida w/ Ellen

We had a wonderful time in Tucson, visiting our friends, and going to the Tubac art festival and the gem show. But now it is time to head back to the Kramer oasis in Yuma. We had spent 5 days in overflow at the DM Air force base without any hook ups. Of course they were the coldest nights, (28-30 degrees) when you have to turn all the heat off at night to preserve your batteries. I have never seen a grown man move so fast as my dear husband, sprinting from the warm bed in the morning, to the generator switch on the dashboard to turn on the heat!

Today We are more like a moving van than an RV, heading back to Yuma. We have 4 small tables we got in Tubac, some yard art, Hard water cleaners and chemicals for our neighbors Bill and Nancy, (as there is no Ace hardware in Yuma, anymore), hose bibs, Costco Hot dogs for our neighbors, lots of dirty laundry, a big spider plant, and one large blossoming lemon tree. I'm sure my dear husband was muttering under his breath, as he packed all our treasures. And he reminded me that we are not a 42 footer, like OT and Norine. (Good thing I didn't buy any shoes!)

We had bought the dwarf Meyer Lemon tree a couple days before we were going home, and it was a planned purchase. We have been on a waiting list for a Meyer lemon tree since November in Yuma, but no luck. So we decided to check out the nurseries in Tucson. There is an awesome nursery on Speedway and Pantano that had lovely trees, but they weren't as small as we had anticipated. So the tree we got was a bit large, so we left it outside in front of the RV until we were ready to go. Everyone that walked by did a double take and asked about the tree. And they asked "how were we going to get it back to Yuma?" You will have to look at the pictures to see how we did it!

Anyway we made it back safe and sound, and everything survived the trip, including the tree.(Which BTW was easier to get out, than get in!) Butch and Julie were there to meet us, and had the gates and the casita all unlocked and open for us. Then they had us over for dinner too! That was awesome, as we spent a couple hours parking, unpacking and setting things up, and we were tired. Miss Zoey smell checked the property from stem to stern, and then laid down on the patio and took a nap. Spike and I didn't make it past 9:00 pm and we were done too. But its good to be back to our little home!

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