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All ready for the party

The Mexican bandits with drinks!

A few good looking birds taking a boat out.

Chilling by the pool

Here’s a thing. What happens when you put suncream on and then change your shirt and shorts and go out on a bike without remembering that there are exposed parts without suncream on? Answer you get red knees and arms boooo. Fortunately you do not look like someone who still has the outline of her swimming costume showing even when she has taken it off. Obviously no names mentioned.

So last night we had the long awaited Mexican evening. They had set up drinks bar, food bars and everyone serving were dressed up in what I assume were typical Mexican carnival costumes. It was a pleasant evening and we enjoyed the food and drinks apart from the tomatoe, pepper and Worcester sauce larger.

After the Mexican snacks we had some food in the restaurant and Sauvignon Blanc from Peru. Good wine and a quarter the price of the New Zealand version.

Today we have checked out of the hotel and are lazing around the pool drinking pina colado and other cocktails. Bus is collecting us at 3pm and then back to the Marriott in Lima before flying to Ecuador in the morning.

No more updates today unless we have another incident on our bus trip!

See you all soon.

Ps photos still on their way...... Now arrived :-)

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