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The pier at the end of the hotel.

Cactus, chandelier thing in the sand from about 500 AD - apparently

Birds in the mist

Seals in the mist

More birds but mist starting to clear

End of the road for my bike ride.

We had found out last night that the boat trip was from the end of the hotels pier and we had to be there for 8am. They also told us that there was coffee and croissants available at the pier and we would be back in time for breakfast so a lay in until 7.

On arrival we found good coffee and croissants so we got ready to go. In truth we had forgotten that this is Peru so things don’t always happen at the time they mentioned. A chap had arrived in a very complicated wheelchair and they we were looking at how to manhandle him and the wheelchair into the boat that clearly was the wrong type of boat for his needs. Eventually they spied a ramp and another boat that they could use so we got on our boat and departed leaving the others to work out what to do. In truth I am not sure it would have been at all safe but this is Peru.

As we went along the sea mist got thicker but the boat (and others from other parts of Paracs) ploughed on toward the wall of mist. All of a sudden we stopped and noticed lots of other boats around us. We then realised that we could see giant shape in the sand of the nearest dune. It turned out it is a chandelier (not sure how that could be as it looked like a cactus to be)but apparently it is pointing to the Nazca lines, all very mysterious if you ask me!

After this we and all the other boats sped off into the nothingness and eventually stopped by some huge rocks/island covered in birds,seals, crabs and guano. Apparently they clear it off every so many years and sell it to fund research etc.

Unfortunately we did not see it in the best light but we gotta gist and took lots of bird and seal photos and fortunately no guano incidents on the boat.

Sped back racing all of the other boats as you do in Peru even though we could not see anything. Eventually the mist cleared as we got to the shore and back for a lovely breakfast/brunch.

We then got changed and sat by the pool I went to find out what we could hire but all of the water activities had finished for th day as after 12 the wind gets too much for mere amateurs. I decided to go for a bike ride but have now discovered I have lost my two main baggy running shirts. I think I have left them at our last Hotel. Hope that I can get them when we return there tomorrow.

Anyway I went off along the shore but being. Clever person I forgot how gears worked and really struggled through the sand. Eventually I remembered and got moving. Nice trip but a bit hot. Rode through th village and then back to the hotel. Irene, Alison and Bob had stayed by the pool and we I got back Irene was on her own with all of the beautiful people as Alison and Bob had just popped back to their room.

Apparently tonight is Mexican night and the staff are decking out the cocktail bar area with balloons and streamers. No idea what it will be like but I will let you know tomorrow.

Also photos have not downloaded yet. Still as they say.....

Arriba, arriba, andale, andale .......

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