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sorry Davo, there'll be no alcohol for you tonight

the ferry ride to Elba was a little rough

the off season makes travelling much pressure !

not a bad outlook from our unit's balcony

we were offered "free entry" into the prison :-(

Porto Azzurro, one of our favourites

Gilli was happy to have visited Boney's homes

why only have one 'palace', when you can have 2

fair effort Davo but no, not quite a Boney lookalike

someone felt quite at home in our unit at Cavo

relics from the past dot the shoreline

seaside towns.... always interesting....

..... and high coastal roads ? ..... always fun to drive

the other small 'Palace' for Bony ....

.....with a tiny entertainment room

Elba bristled with fortifications

a yacht on the Med, always a pretty sight

it was good to see the island's humour matched that of the...

Although the sea looked calm the ferry crossing to Elba was at times a little rough but never uncomfortable. This Italian island, only 25 km from the mainland, is a place we had thought about investigating for quite some time. We were excited.

We were even more excited when we found that our unit overlooked the moorings at Cavo which did tend to spoil us for four days. But driving around was our plan so we were off to explore the historical points relating to Boney, the tubby Frenchman who was sent there in 1814.

At just 22 klms long and 10 klms wide its certainly not a large island but does have some interesting history relating to Napoleon Bonepart.

Portoferraio, the main port, was much larger than thought and was where we visited one of Boney's homes and garden, a place he only spent 9 months in.

Another day, another visit, this time to the 'other' Boney palace at Villa San Martino. This one was huge. Sadly, much of what you see was actually added after his death by a distant relative in an effort to memorialise the French Emperor.

The best fun was when we paid a visit to Fort Longone near Porto Azzurro after reading up on some tourism info. We drove up, parked and proceeded to photograph around the entrance when a guard fronted us. “No photos, no trespass this is a prison”.

Oops! ...Definitely not what we read but he was a nice fellow and 'invited us in' ...... 'no charge'.

The smirk on his face said it all, so we declined and took off.

By the time our visit was over we had totally circumnavigated the island in addition to travelling over quite a few internal roads. Given the size of the place on a map we thought this to be quite simple. When taking in the extreme elevations and tight bends everywhere it proved to be slow going, not to mention the traditional Italian 'head-to-head' road sharing that added a tad more excitement.

Weather had been very kind to us which ranged between 3 and 10 but did get to 15 on one day.

We were hoping to ferry from Elba to Corsica but because of the off-season a ferry link was not operating so we decided to return to the mainland and roam around the Pisa area for a few days.

Bags packed, we're off.

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